This Group is dedicated to preserving the Native American Indian heritage for all Tribes. Honor our Indigenous People.

Please contact Franklin “Frank”  Cornstalk (Pankie) for more information about the Group. Frank has worked very hard on this project and they’ll be more details added later. I just wanted to introduce those in the Family to Frank and his Group and he can supply the details.

Can we see that the great spirit calls us to action, on many fronts, this is only one of them proliferate love in your homes and let it be manifest outward in your Indian community, then others… Join us to reclaim our heritage in this country.

We need a healing in the community of the first nations, don’t dispel the idea that we have endured and we suffer from unresolved grief, put aside our prejudices and embrace the need to complete OUR circle, principles over personalities. Ho Miigwetch!

The Native American, refers to honesty n quiet wisdom. Moreover, the culture of the American Indian is highly representative of personal power n a union with nature n all her elements. In this noble figure we find the perfect transcendence of earth n spiritual worlds, traveled freely back n forth by one human being. He is one committed to personal dedication n in social situations are graced with sublime, inner peace n divine simplicity. Any image of a young warrior refers to personal stages of spiritual transcendence. Ho Miigwetch!! ~ Franklin “Frank” Cornstalk – neemewinanong


Tecumseh’s Speech, of August 11, 1810, To Governor William Harrison,_of_August_11,_1810,_To_Governer_William_Harrison

Please read, I’m not sure if I have permission to reprint it.


A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ. ~ John Steinbeck