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Hi there, I’m on a search to track down who the heck I’m related to. My father was told he was adopted- his name was Douglas Scott Slaney- he died when I was 3. His mother Gail (Lavina) Adkins was his mother. She was the one who told him he was adopted, but we have since found that was not the case…she died 6 months before my father and I don’t have any relatives to speak to. I recently went to the Cook County docs. department and they gave me my father’s birth certificate which included Gail’s name as his true birth mother, it was not amended…I am on…not sure if you can view this tree link- anyhow, by any chance have you heard of Lavina “Gail” Adkins or her family? I know her mother was Atlas Crisp and her father was Robert W. Adkins…any help would be great! I’m trying to figure out who the mystery father was…

I have found many flaws on this Ancestry Tree, I’m not sure who the owner is, but I’ll try and hit the highlights for you:

Samuel Seaton Adkins (1838 – 1883) s/o John Morgan & Sarah Adkins Adkins, is my 1st cousin 4x removed.

He married: Rebecca Abigail Barker (1844 – 1925)
they do have two different marriage dates, not sure why? Maybe they changed their minds or something happened who knows, could be any number of reasons?
* 23 Jun 1867 Carter, KY
* 30 Jun 1867
Known Children:
John William Adkins (1869 – 1956)
Robert Weaver Adkins (1870 – 1922)
Sarah Jane Adkins (1873 – UNK)
Jesse Thurman Adkins (1875 – 1912)
Samuel Tilden Adkins (1877 – 1966)
Weston Preston Adkins(1881 – 1948)


I have no idea as to where all those other children came from on that Tree link, but they need deleted ASAP as to not confuse others. Several of the family members from this line have sent me information, so I’m sure the information posted above is fairly accurate.


Robert Weaver Adkins
Birth 20 Mar 1870 in West Liberty, Morgan, Kentucky
Death 6 Jul 1922 in Worthington, Nobles, Minnesota
is my 2nd cousin 3x removed.

Atlas Crisp
Birth: 28 Mar 1881 in Ruin, Elliott, Kentucky
Death: 20 Feb 1958 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois

*NOTE: This information is not found on my Tree. I had decided not to track anyone under Robert Weaver Adkins, unless I needed to archive them for later study or they have somehow have married back into the line; down my branch. It happens, more often than not, but until then, I didn’t include the children on the tree.

Hopefully, those that know Gail “Lavina” Adkins, my 3rd cousin 2x removed will contact you directly. Her info is as follows:
Gail Lavina Adkins
Birth: 24 Oct 1918 in Minnesota
Death: 12 Nov 1982 in Olympia Fields, Cook, Illinois

Your dad: Douglas Scott Slaney
Birth: 5 Sep 1953 Illinois
Death: 15 Aug 1983 in Hazel Crest, Cook, Illinois would be my 4th cousin 1x removed.

Please check the information against what you have and I’ll see if I can contact anyone from that line for updates. Contact me any time with any questions or new information that you may have. I’m always glad to help.

Thanks for your comment and Welcome to Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf