Court Documents Involving Richard Parker

Reel 031772 pg. 178 1684 Henrico County Virginia Judgement is granted Capt. William Randolph against Richard Parker for 635 lbs. of tobacco and caske owed by account and acknowledged by ye defendant.

Pg. 189 June 1685 In action commenced by Capt. Thomas Cocke against Richard Parker and his wife, defendant no appearing at judgement granted unto ye said petitioner against ye sheriff for which damage he shall make appear he hath sustained by ye said defendant for which action is brought probided that next court ye sd them which ye do according to law produce ye bodies of ye said defendant. Then he to be aquitted of this judgement.

Pg. 193 Aug 1685 At the suit of Capt. Thomas Cocke against Richard Parker and his wife defendents for several abuses aforesaid to ye sd Cocke, under Sheriff. Attachment being last court granted against ye said defendents estate for ye damages alleged and he sd Parker and his wife now appearing to repleven ye sd attachment but making no defence of ye matter and she humbly confessing ye offense commited begging pardon for ye same and promising never to commit ye like again. It is also appearing that said Richard Parker was not at that time at home. The action is in court by ye said Cocke released and withdrawn and it is ordered that ye said Parker to pay cost for suit.

R eel 031772 pg. 413 Oct 1689 Mr. Thomas Batte Jr. having brought his action against Richard Parker defendant 400 lbs of tobacco and caske ye said plaintiff waged on a race against said Parker in which contrarty to agreement the rider of ye said Parkers mare did cross and thwart ye pet in her way by which means the plaintiff came hind most; for proof the Peticon named evidences were sworn but before the summoning of a jury both plaintiff and defendant requesting ye court to pass their opinions therein by which they would abode. It is therefore upon consideration of ye matter and ye court ordered that ye next appointed race day at Varina the said mares with ye same riders do again fairly run their former courses for ye said tobacco and caske and that ye charge of this suit be equally defrayed by plaintiff and defendant.

Horse racing was considered a sport but was in the early years considered a diversion only for the Gentry—as illustrated by the classic case in 1674 when on Bullock, a tailor, was fined by a county court for racing his horse against the entry of a Physician because it was contrary to law for a laborer to make a race, being a sport only for gentlemen.

Reel 031769 Henrico Virginia pg 227Whereas John Skiddy had privately departed the Court of County indebted to Capt. William Randolph 765 lbs. of tobacco and caske for satisfaction of which attaching against ye said Skiddy estate was issued by Capt. Thomas Cocke dated Oct 20, 1686 returnable to the court by virtue whereof one cow, one featherbed, bloster, rug, one gun chest,one tin bayle and five barrels of Indian corn and what was due ye said Skiddy from Richard Parker or Nicholas Perkins was of them attached and accordingly returned but ye said Skiddy not appearing to replevey the same and ye said being in Court proved according to law it is therefore ordered that execution do issue against so much of said goods attached being legally apprized will satisfy the above debt of seven hundred sixty five pounds of tobacco and caske with costs and that the surplusage be returned.

Reel 031769 pg. 135 An Indian boy named Dick who came amongst the English before the last Act of Assembly belonging to Richard Parker and by him was brought to this Worp’ll court is adjudged to be 6 years of age.

Reel 031763 pg. 396 Sept 1686 That last month Timothy Iveson age 24, the deponett, employed by Richard Parker and William Pierce to get some timber for fencing and when this deponent and his companion had got about a thousand rails Jeremiah Brown came by and forewarned said deponent of working there anymore, upon which the deponent left off and afterwards the deponent and said Brown warned Richard Parker and William Pierce not to take ye said stuff away nor get any more there to which ye said Parker replied that ye land was his now and he would fetch them when he had occasion. That the said Parker hath fetched part of said rails. Dec 1686 pg 224 Tha cation of trespass commenced by Jeremiah Brown Plaintiff against Richard Parker defendant for getting rails for fencing on the said plaintiffs land referred to a jury.Page 225Timothy Iverson having attended one day as evidence being summoned by Jerimiah Brown in his suit against Richard Parker hath order granted against said Brown for 40 lbs.of tobacco. Jerimiah Brown having in his suit against Richard Parker subpoenaed Peter Crosse who hath attended one day is ordered to pay ye said Cross for same 40 lbs. of tobacco according to law. Jury impaneled in the difference between Brown and Parker returned the verdict; We find for the plaintiff 400 lbs. of tobacco upon the presentment of ye above verdict it is by the court confirmed and judgement is granted for same to ye plaintiff against ye said defendant.

Reel 031772John Ballard Feb 1 1691 To Richard Parker all my estate after my debts are paid. John Ballard did appoint Richard Parker to be his sole executor which said Richard did at Court held for Henrico County first day of Feb 1, 1691 make suit to ye said Court that a probate be held of the said will might be granted unto him for which cause full power of law. Full authority is hereby given to dispose of all and singular the goods rights and credits of ye said deed according to ye true intent and meaning in ye said Act, Will and Testement expressed on record.Reel 031763To all peoples to whom the present writing shall be, I Samuel Bridgewater, of ye parish Varina and ye County of Henrico, Virginia, send greetings.Kno w ye that I said Samuel Bridgewater for drivers good and valuable consideration me, more unto moving, but more especially for valuable consideration 3000 lbs. of tobacco to his will and thereby paid by ye Richard Parker of ye parish of Varina in ye Count of Henrico, Planter receipt whereof I hereby accordingly acknowledge and myself then to be fully content and satisfied to wit thereof and every tract and parcel thereof do fully and clearly acquit release and exonerate and discharge the said Richard Parker his heirs executors and admistors forever by these present have given granted I remiss and release and confirm to ye said Richard Parker and to his heirs all that my plantation and he appurtenances situate lying and being in ye parish of Varina in ye county of Henrico granted to me by patent bearing date ye twentieth day of April 1687 under ye had of his Lord Howard Baron of Effingham containing four hundred acres of land..

Reel 131763 pg. 675-67 This indenture made this first day of February in the eighth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord William the 111 by ye Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King and defender of the faith and in the year of our Lord God 1696. Between Richard Parker of the County and Parish of Henrico of the one part, Planter, and William Soane of the same County and Parish o the other, Gent, witnesseth that the said Richard Parker for and in consideration for the sum of four thousand five hundred pounds of tobacco to him in hand paid. The aforesaid William Soane the receipt whom of the aforesaid Richard Parker doth hereby acknowledge and of every tract and parcel thereof doth acquit exonerate and discharge the aforesaid William Soane his executor, admin. And assignees doth by these present bargain, sell alienate, surrendered and confirm unto the above named William Soane his heirs, Exors., Admin. And assignee forever on tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County and parish aforesaid and was by patent granted unto Samuel Bridgewater and by the aid Bridgewater sold and conveyed unto the aforesaid Richard Parker as by the patent and conveyance reaffirmed being more or less had may more fully appeared which said tract of land goth contain four hundered and four acres. Richard Parker then set his seal in red wax. Acknowledged in open court by the subscriber Richard Parker Witnessed by James Cocke.Know all men by these present that I Elizabeth wife of Richard Parker party to these present do hereby and voluntarily relinquish and surrender all my estate and tile of dower on and in the before mentioned land and premises unto the therein named William Soane. As witnesseth my hand and seal the first day of February 1696.