While updating my personal/electronic calendar with birthdays and special events I realized a few more of my mistakes. I’m not infallible by any means or stretch of the imagination. The list of little boo-boo’s could go on for days; I do try to fix them, as quickly as I can, whenever possible anyway.

I won’t bore you with this weeks calamities, just know I’m making a full effort to clear them up.

We were blessed with many new additions in the past few years, but sometimes I forget to add them when they come along; only later to realize that I’ve lost all of their important data. I think I’m going back to the old card file system, in which they day a child is born, I’m going to have the baby’s parents write all of their birth data on a card and them keep it updated with things like medical history, graduation, college an things like that. If you have those, please send it to me in post card form, to speed up the process. I didn’t want the clutter on my desk so I did away with that process, and it’s the biggest regret of my life. It makes for finding my 31K peeps and their records go a lot quicker.


Recently, I was asked a question by a woman on Facebook, about the Winwright (Winright) Adkins line; (my 2nd cousin of wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed) he is the son of Hugh Adkins. For which I had no answer. She proceeded to give me some of his pertinent information. Later that evening, I pulled up my tree and low and behold, there was all of his family information. If I had a ready reference card on file, I could have just pulled it out; then we could have avoided that unnecessary exchange. I do apologize for my lack of response. I should have checked it as soon as you asked.

This is what I have on my tree; please check it against your family information and thank you in advance for any corrections that may be needed. I do want to thank you for sharing your family pictures with me, as well. I do love old family pictures.

Winright Adkins – Family Tree

B: 16 Mar 1882
Pike, Kentucky
D: 3 Aug 1947
Pike, Kentucky

Father: Hugh (Huey) Adkins (1856-1933) is my 1st cousin 1x removed of wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed.
Mother: Francis Kentucky Burgess (Tuck Burgess) (1859-1937)

Married: Annie Robinson (1882-1971) on 25 May 1905 in Pike, Kentucky.

Known Children:
M: Elza Adkins (1908 – 1960)
M: Grant Adkins (1909 – )
F: Delphia Adkins (1911 – 1989)
F: Evaline Adkins (1913- )
M: Elmer Adkins (1916 – 1936)
F: Kelsie Adkins (1918 – 1919)
F: Dulcy Adkins (1918- 1918)
M: Avrie Adkins (1920- )
F: Eula Mae Adkins (1921 – 1996)
M: Wilburn Adkins (1921- )
M: Earl Adkins (1926 – 1976)
M: Captain Adkins (1926- ) is name listed w/ family census record
F: Irene Adkins (1926 – )
M: Leonard Adkins (1929 – )

*Notes: Odd birth certificates are related to this family under the name of:
• Dulley Dulkins 4 Jan 1914 Annie Robinson Pike, may be unrelated.
• Clerinva Atkins 19 Jul 1924 Anig Robinson Pike
• Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Junior Adkins
Name: Junior Adkins
Death Date: 15 Jul 1922
Death Location: Pike
Residence Location: Pike
Age: 0
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 15 Jul 1922
Birth Location: Kentucky
Father’s name: Winright Adkins
Father’s Birth Location: Pike, Kentucky
Mother’s name: Roma Adkins
Mother’s Birth Location: Pike, Kentucky

Paternal: William “Greasy” Adkins (1825 – 1904) and Sarah Boney (1826 – 1855).

Great Grandparents:
Paternal: Henry Adkins (1799-1860) and Elizabeth “Betsey” Thacker (1803-1850)
Maternal: Joseph B Boney (1759-1826) and Sarah “Sally” Mullins (1787-1860)

2nd Great Grandparents:
Paternal: Winright Adkins (1775-1854) and Lucy Thacker (1785-1845)
Maternal: Elisha Thacker (1783-1854) and Judith Hall (1788-1850)

3rd Great Grandparents:
Paternal: Henry Adkins (1730-1773) and Rachel Houchins (1730-1785)

4th Great Grandparents:
***** My 7th great grandfather*****
Paternal: William V Adkins (1689-1784) and Elizabeth Parker (1695-1784)

5th Great Grandparents:
Paternal: John Adkins (1639-1721) and Elizabeth Bromwell (1641-UNK)

6th Great Grandparents: John Adkins (1610-1666) and Agnes Adkins (1610-Unk) Sandy, Bedforshire, England.

7th Great Grandparents:
Paternal: Thomas Adkins (1584-UNK) and Hester Frasure (1586-UNK)

8th Great Grandparents:
Paternal: Henry Adkins (1530-UNK) and Francis Edwards (1535-UNK)


Our Adkins family originated from Sandy, Bedfordshire, England to
Bristol, Avon, Gloucestershire, England.


I’m sure they’ll be many more mistakes in my future, so my New Year will be filled with things for me to do. Have a wonderful New Year!

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. ~ William Conner Magee