How was the New Year celebrated during your childhood? Have you kept these traditions in the present day?

Our family always starts the year off right, with the traditional pork and cabbage meal for prosperity in the New Year. Ever since I was a little girl, sauerkraut and wieners has been one of my all time favorite meals. I’d eat it every week, if the others that lived here would get on board, but that’s not going to happen. They don’t even want it on New Year’s.

My oldest son hated it, until he married and had children of his own, now he fully embraces it. His son, my oldest grandson, Craigie said, “I hate sauerkraut and my dad is going to make me eat it!” Poor baby; he also claimed to be almost 13 years old, when in reality, he’ll be 11 in July, so he may have been stretching it, just a little. It’s good to try foods that you don’t like, it broadens your horizons, or so my mom said.

A family, no matter where they live, is steeped in tradition, whether they choose to embrace them or not, is an individual decision. I’ve resolved myself to that fact anyway. My youngest son is dating a young Japanese girl, and she said that they eat Soba Noodles on the first, for prosperity. So each culture has they’re own version of this long standing tradition. I have no idea where these things originate, but hope they have no end.

I also hope that each of you enjoy a time honored tradition this year in America or wherever you are, and eat your Pork and Cabbage, or Soba Noodles, or whatever your heritage dictates.  It’s good for family and the soul.

Please share your New Year’s Family traditions and resolutions with us…

My most important New Year’s resolution: I will be able to look in the mirror come 2012 and see a better me — and know I’ve done more for myself to ensure I’ll be around as long as possible for everyone who needs me. ~ Leslie Shane Collins