I don’t want to lose sight of the big picture here. I have been spending a little too much time doing other things, and not keeping up on my family and historical research. I was trying to go over some things I may have missed. I haven’t found any new family members, that are unreported on any census records or family bibles. Part of me is secretly glad. Its hard enough to keep up with the ones I know about.

I find it fascinating, the people that didn’t really do much or accomplish much in their lifetime, can be more remembered, than those that made major endeavors in the eyes of the world, ie: Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson, etc.

But honestly, who remembers the names of the people on the Mayflower?  or who they were as a people? or why reasons they set out? Very few, I’d say. The Leiden Congregation and their Families, and hired men alike aka Pilgrims sailed for 66 days to reach Massachusetts Bay. They left England on September 6, 1620, and out of this one single event, grew our vast nation.

I was looking at the Passenger List for the Mayflower (Holiday related, of course) and I noticed that there were 102 people that set out on the ship; 43 men, 21 women, 22 boys, 8 girls and 8 servants.

I didn’t see any direct relative family Surnames, right off hand, except for Fletcher and Martin aboard the ship, but will be eternally grateful for their drive and determination, the hardship’s they endured, the courage and benevolence they’ve shown.  What a gift to give our founding fathers, (that in reality turned out to be mostly children, since the elders almost all perished from disease) and their two dogs, but the gift of remembrance?

The Surnames of those brave souls that set out for Religious Freedom were: Alden, Allerton, Billington, Bradford, Brewster, Britteridge, Browne, Butten, Carter, Carver, Chilton, Clarke, Cooke, Cooper, Crackstone, Doty, Eaton, Ely, English, Fletcher, Fuller, Gardiner, Goodman, Holbeck, Hooke, Hopkins, Howland, Kerr, Lancemore, Latham, Leister, Margesson, Martin, Moore, Mullins, Priest, Prower, Rigsdale, Rogers, Sampson, Standish, Soule, Story, Tilley, Tinker, Thompson, Trevore, Turner, Warren, White, Wilder, Williams, and Winslow.

Thanks to you all for your bravery and dedication. God rest your souls.

Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving. ~ Colossians 4:2