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I guess those of you that were searching for Adkins – Metcalf were just checking up on me. I hope you like what you see. What I lack in personality, I make up for in dedication.

It’s a little painful to type this week, I cut my thumbnail in half and after two days, it’s still throbbing. So bare with me.


As for my Dolly Varden Cake… yum! I strongly recommend trying it at least once. I have several recipes for variations on the original recipe, just request it.


Portelia Adkins:
Now Telia was born Portela Eliza Jane “Tealia” Adkins about 1905 in Magoffin, Kentucky to Edward Edmond Adkins and Nancy Margaret Montgomery Adkins. She married James Mefford (1889-1975) in Whitley, Kentucky. As far I can tell, Ed and Nancy Adkins were not on the Wagon Train as previously reported by the Indian website. That info was provided by a relative and that may have been a mistake.

Portela we’ll call Tealia aka Eliza Jane, she was reported to have died as a child because she has been confused with her baby sister Ura M L Adkins. Ura’s death certificate says that she died from injuries sustained to her stomach inflicted by her brother (Kern) at the bus stop. In which, I thought was a little harsh for a death record to read, but I guess maybe they had to report it, that way, back then.

Tealia still hasn’t been reported as past away by the family and I can’t find any evidence of her passing under any of these names. If you have such evidence, please email me @ and I’ll update it on the family tree.

Tealia was the mother of 6 known children: Lillie M Mefford, Mattie E Mefford, William Dell Mefford, James Lewis Mefford, David Mefford, and Annie Merey Mefford.


Valentine Pieratt
I have 4 men known as Valentine Pieratt (Valentin) on my family tree, one Reuben Valentine Pieratt but I would assume you were looking for the oldest living on my tree. Valentine reportedly was born La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France to * Dominique Jean Pierrat 08 Feb 1678 – 19 Mar 1754 and * Marguerite Coutret 27 May 1689 – 11 Feb 1751 they married: 27 Sep 1701 in Gérardmer, Vosges, Lorraine, France and had 4 known children; Joseph (1701 – 1788), Dominique (1704 – 1751), Valentine (1707 – 1788) and Barbe (1713 – 1792).

*I didn’t have these posted on my tree because they weren’t part of my original research.

Valentine Pieratt (1707-1788) married Barba (Haubert) Aubert (1709-1790) on 7 Feb 1730 in Labresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France. They had 10 known children. Helen Pierrat, Elope Pierrat, Barbe Pierrat, Nicolas Pierrat, Jacques Pierrat, Laurent Joachim Pierrat, Marguerite Pierrat, Elizabeth Pierrat, Marie Catherine Pierrat, and Valentine Pierratt or Valentin Pierrat(1753 – 1836).

Valentine Pierratt (1707-1788) was the son of Dominique Jean Pierret (1678- 1754) and Marguerite Coutret.  Dominique  was the son of Jean Demenge Pierat (1648-1709) and Anne Villaume Pierat (1654-1689). Jean was the son of Demenge Nicolas Pierrat (1625-1695) and Georgette Didler Pierat (1628-1652). Demenge is believed to be the son of Nicolas Gérard Pierattand Colate or Colette Marchal Pierat (1607-1635) .

* Jean-Baptiste-Dominique PIERRET Marne, France Marriages 1529-1907.


That’s about it for now. I still have a lot to look into.  You’ll have to forgive some of the Pieratt surname spellings. As with most families they hop around like that. Spell it however you’d like. I just got my first paycheck and they spelled Metcalf – Metacalf. I didn’t say a word and it cashed out just fine. So it should be fine.

Anyway, I’m hoping more will turn up. I do hope others will continue their research and will share their findings with us.


On a personal note:

Today, was my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 73. She as killed in a car accident in 1978, the year before I was married. I love and miss her terribly.  The years pass but the longing stays the same. If you have a living parent, please try to see them as often as possible. You’ll never regret it.

My son, Steven is back at College, living in house with less than perfect conditions. Brandy and the girls are back from their cruise. Mandy just finished her 10th Year Reunion weekend for the Valley View Class of 2000. Craig is working and I haven’t seen him in weeks. I do hope to rectify that real soon. They do grow up, but I plan on keeping them close.

I’m working hit – skip and miss but I do love it for the most part. Anthony is keeping busy as well. We’re all looking forward to the Holiday’s.  Well, some of us anyway. Life is good.

Best Wishes and thanks for your comments,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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