James Fugate was a probable carrier for the Hereditary methemoglobinemia  (The skin has a bluish tone) that later manifested in so many of his (and others) descendants that moved to Kentucky.

“FFN” is “Fugate Family Newsletter” Editor Mary Fugate. Published from 1979 to 1998. Available at the LDS library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1676: James Fugate, who was “age about 66” in 1742 a three-lifetime-lease in Baltimore Co. would have been born about this year (FFN Vol 19 pg 3).

1683: “Fewgate’s Fork” 300 acres at the head of Swan Creek, surveyed for James Fewgate (FFN Vol 20 pg 28)

1742: “age about 66” granted a three-lifetime lease in Baltimore County. (FFN Vol 19 pg 3)

Although we can only be sure of two children of Peter from the records: John and Ann, who are named in the St. George’s Parish records as children of Peter, we can guess that James might also have been his son because of the following:

1. The only other possibility for James’ father, James of Baltimore County, MD & VA, left no “heirs” in Baltimore County, according to the tax lists, and had separatedfrom his wife, Dorothy Pettit about 1683. There is no indication that they had any children see (FFN Vol 9 pg 6).

2. James (b. 1676) named his first son Peter and that name was carried on through several generations among his descendants. He also used the names Esther, John and Ann, although not Frances. (FFN Vol 19 pg 4)

His mother was probably named Agnes.  Josias is too old * to be a child of Frances Mould.

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