I went through a lot of records this week and found a very startling divorce record for my Grandpa, in which I had no idea, nor will the family believe me so I thought it best just to post it.

Ohio Divorce Index, 1962-1963, 1967-1971, 1973-2007
about Odis L Stump
Name: Odis L Stump
Birth Year: 1916
Times Married: 1
Residence: Butler
Spouse’s name: Melva Stump
Spouse’s Birth Year: 1910
Spouse – Times Married: 1
Spouse’s Residence: Butler
Marriage Duration (Years): 10
Number of Minor Children: 0
To Whom Decree Granted: Wife
County of Decree: Butler
Decree Date: 2 Mar 2000
Cerificate Number: 10004
Volume Number: 8785

Now Grandpa was actually married 3 times prior to Mel so I don’t know why it only says Times Married: 1. This must have been some kind of age thing or Medicare, since they lived together in the nursing home. I really have no idea but was genuinely shocked to find it.

I’ve found others as well. His divorce from Deborah R Stump aka the Queen Bee as my Grandma Dorothy referred to her. Personally, I always called her the “horrible awful woman” and I still have no idea what her maiden name was. Granted if anyone needed a divorce – they did.

She took Grandpa for every dime he had (as the story goes) and he had to come to our house each day to eat. I don’t remember it to be honest, but my sisters do. I guess, he took a job delivering ice cream and would bring us ice cream everyday.

I can remember a lot about their marriage and still talk about it frequently. It was a nightmare for a small child. I’m thinking that its always there. And the pictures help. I still don’t know why my mom even took us over there.  She was so mean to us.  I’ll tell you about her someday, when and if I can talk about it without getting upset.


Odis LeRoy Stump
Born: 8 Aug 1916 La Cygne, Linn, Kansas
Died: 23 Feb 2001 Middletown, Butler, Ohio

Married: Elvia Mae Fugate on 22 Jun 1935 in Harrisonville, Cass, Missouri by the Justice of the Peace. She past in 1965 and Grandpa’s divorce record from Deborah R Unk “Debbie” was on 9 Oct 1974 and they report 9 years of marriage. So it must have been immediately after Grandma Elvie passed away.

He then married Dorothy Ouida Gibbs Collier Perry Clarke aka Grandma Dorothy on Valentine’s Day 14 Feb 1975 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio. I was there, it was a nice little white church. They were married until Grandma died in 1986. She was a wonderful woman and made a huge impact on my life. She was so nice and she worked hard to make us feel welcome in the family.

After her passing,  he married Mel on 8 Apr 1989 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio and I guess the divorce was on 2 Mar 2000 as per the record. She wasn’t used to having children in her home, although she was a retired school teacher,  so she was a little short with the kids, but still nice in her own way. I think the Nursing Home may have played a part in their divorce, since we were never told about it, maybe medicare reasons. Who knows?


The more records that are released will help aide in the family research. If it were up to me, I’d DNA test every child at birth and record every move they make.

Please keep diaries and/or scrapbooks for family members, this way we can hear it from you, and not find out in some court records all of the who, what, when, where and why’s. Why things unfolded as they did. I may be a big girl now, but when it comes to family, I’m just a kid at heart.

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.  ~Author Unknown