1. the crafts descendants
  2. metcalf family
  3. adkins melungeon family
  4. james fugate born 1630 in england
  5. william atkinson 1689-1784

I should do more work on my mom’s side; Craft and Fugate families. I just don’t as much as I once did because Frank Goode and his cousin (my distant cousin) have already done so much. I’m not sure what or who there is left to find. I’m sure there is still a few people that have fallen though the cracks, so I will spend a few hours this week going over my notes to see if I have missed anyone. It happens.

The Melungeon website links on in the right column MHA.

I’m also looking into the Blackfoot Indian history/heritage. My Great-Grandmother Mary Emmaline Nickel was a Blackfoot Indian. I’ve studied the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Powhatan and Shawnee, among other but now need to study up on the Blackfoot.

William Atkinson is the son of William Adkins the son was used back then as part of Surname to show who a man was the son of.  William Atkinson will always be refused to on this blog as “ADKINS.”

The Metcalf family isn’t represented here as much as when I first started my research and I do apologize to the entire Metcalf families for not adding more and continuing my research. Bob Metcalf had done such a good job on tracking them, I have almost stopped. I’ll try to get more on this month. Your help is always need. So please feel free to add whatever you feel is relevant and/or reliant.

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