There are seven suggestions that all of us would be wise to heed:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise.
2. Consume a healthy diet.
3. Follow your doctor’s orders, including being responsible to take medicines as directed.
4. Remain social, as this as an aid to maintaining good mental health.
5. Whatever stimulated your brain is a wise choice: studying genealogy,
doing crossword puzzles, playing bridge, Bible study, etc.
6. Preserve financial resources and avoid debt. If you have a marriage partner, make decisions that affect your future together. Information about where important papers are located needs to be known by the appropriate people. Some of these documents include: wills, bank accounts, insurance policies, car titles, deeds to property, and anything else of value.
7. Foster and maintain good family relationships.

If things are ever going to change, someone has to step up and do things differently. That’s where I fit in. ~ Anonymous