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Harry Stanley Adkins
Attention: Stan Adkins
Dear Harry Stanley Adkins,

Your tree was fairly easy to track. I had written you a quick response before collecting all of your data, but my computer had a glitch and I lost it. I decided not to let that happen again, I’ve just decided to show your family tree for you here.

Harry Stanley Adkins
Born: 30 Jan 1890
in Waynesville, Pulaski, Missouri
Death: Apr 1968
in Beulah, Phelps, Missouri

Spouse: Marie Florence McDaniel (Gray)
Married: 9 Sep 1914 Tiebune, Pulaski County, Missouri

Father: Amariah Simpson Adkins
Birth: 05 Oct 1861 in Missouri
Death: 18 Nov 1940 in Alamo, Hidalgo, Texas
Mother: Sarah “Sallie” Ann Christeson
d/o Joseph Littleton Christeson (1840-1904) and Elizabeth Adeline Gan (1855-1932).
Birth: 08 Dec 1872 in Waynesville, Pulaski, Missouri
Death: 04 Sep 1945 in Pharr, Hidalgo, Texas
Married: 11 Mar 1889

Grandfather: James Adkins
Birth: 22 Jul 1815 in Adair, Kentucky
Death: 22 Oct 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri
Grandmother: Nancy Hines Simpson
B: 21 Jun 1819 in Adair, Kentucky, USA
D: 14 Aug 1921 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri, USA
Name: James Adkins
Spouse: Nancy Simpson
Marriage Date: 13 Jan 1839
Officiator: William Staton, J. P. Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

Great Grandparents:
William V Adkins (1760-1848)
Mary Hartman (Hardiman) (1765-1812)

2x Great Grandparents:
William V Adkins Jr (1718-17584)
Lydia Owens (1724-1872)

3x Great Grandparents
William Atkinson (1689-1784)
Elizabeth Parker (1695-1784)

4x Great Grandparents
John Adkins (1639-1721)
Elizabeth Bromwell (1641-?)

5x Great Grandparents
Thomas Adkins (1610-1666)
Agnes (UNK) Adkins (1610-?)

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that makes us 7th cousins once removed or something like that. I’m down from Jesse Adkins (1754-1833) William’s older brother. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, I can direct you to several other family members for any clarification.

Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family!

Best wishes,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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