I’d like to invite members of the community to share their inspiring stories of father and child. Do you have a particular story about your father or husband that you want to share?

I’ll share a little of mine briefly: My dad was an odd sort of duck. I didn’t really ever figure him out. He was a major clean freak and a bigger kid than we were as children.  He liked to be funny, as I guess all dads do. They want to lighten the mood with laughter, rather than try and explain what is really going on. My mom always said that he was a big kid. He was a hard man; a weak role model but he was my father and for that I’m thankful.

As for my husband Anthony, I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, that he is truly the greatest father I’ve ever known. He worried so much about our children growing up, almost to the point of obsession and still does if the truth was known. He stayed up late until they came through the door, no matter the hour. I would tease him that he was a better mother than I am; he worries like an old woman. He couldn’t stand if they were sick, or in need of anything. He cared about every aspect of their lives and still does. He worries over our grandchildren the same way. He makes them laugh and always, tells them that he loves them and means it.

It is my hope that after we are past, that they will remember all the love, caring and effort he put into rearing them.  I love you, hun! Thanks for always being there and for being that role model for our children.


Father’s… are the back bone of the family. They’re strong when we need them to be, they feel the pain when the family is hurting, charitable, long suffering and smart enough to pick their battles carefully. How do you repay that? But by unconditional love and respect.

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