I’ve been incredibly busy this month, as I’m sure the blog shows fewer and fewer posts. But I’m glad to see by the stats, you haven’t totally forgotten me.  The only past time, I’ve taken time out for myself is to play a little Farmville on Facebook.

I’m was preparing for Father’s Day, my daughter Mandy’s Birthday and Anthony’s big 50th Birthday Party, when I read Elayna Calton Terrell’s (the daughter of some old and dear friends, Gary and Diane Phipps Calton) post this morning about buying her hubby something for Father’s Day.  This took me back in my mind; to past Father’s Day’s and it reminded me of all the little things that Anthony has done for our children. He is an amazing Father.  My kids can and will attest to that. I commented on her post that I to, needed to get Anthony a really great gift this year. He truly is the greatest Father I know.  You may not realize this but men really do take this Holiday seriously. They claim they don’t – but they do.

For example: One year, I was trying to surprise Anthony on the way to church. I was going to “DO” gifts during a quick breakfast at McDonald’s, but then he stopped in the parking lot and wouldn’t even get out of the car. LOL He kept asking us if we had forgotten something, I kept saying no, but he was acting like a little kid, this was so out of character for him. We had to do gifts in the car. LOL Then he kept saying, I didn’t need anything. As if…

We got him some little trinket gifts along with a little sign with a hammer and nail on it, which said, “The greatest gift I ever had, came from God… I call him Dad!” He just loved it. It’s hanging in our dining room. LOL It may have been a little cheesy but he liked it! LOL

We’ll be celebrating this year by having breakfast with Sam and Cookie Metcalf at Bob Evans.  Q: Do you think he still needs a great or cheesy gift? A: Yep!

I’ve had a very peaceful week all things considered. And as strange as that may sound at this point, I am trying to relax and enjoy my life. Not stressing over conflicts or even the little things like weeds and dead rodents on my porch every morning. I should be stressing over the sale of my house and down sizing to the point of almost no house at all, but why? Anthony and I are only two people with our big Empty Nest, so it’s really silly to live in a large home.  I want to be able to clean and go in an hour. So we’ll see where I end up. Hopefully still in Germantown. I’m trying to see it as an adventure.

My daughter, Mandy had a very rough week. Her husband Alan had his knee replacement surgery and then he fell; twice, once immediately following the surgery with a male nurse to help him. And the second on his way into their home right after he stepped on their porch, so he had to have it sewn back up again.  Then her older son, Tron got a third Degree burn on his hand from Maple Syrup after taking it out of the microwave; the emergency room cut the skin off and it will have to grow back, poor little fella.  She was having a time trying to get his paperwork squared away. Big kiss on your boo-boo!

The Garden Club had a fun a day yesterday with our Annual Flower Show and Tea. The theme was “Our Holiday’s” and all we’re well represented. I would like to congratulate my friend Kelly Richmond for her “Best in Show” win. It was pretty amazing since she’s new to Garden Club and this was only her second show ever, so to compete and win, is pretty amazing. Go Kelly!

The club will be going on a local mystery trip on the 30th – that’s the same day as Anthony’s birthday bash. I want to go so I’ll really have to get the party in high gear. I still need to pick a theme; no over the hill gang for him. I like he Fantastic 50 stuff, so that’s where I’m leaning.

On the research front: I’m still trying to track John Franklin Reed married to Phoebe Harris in La Follette, TN., or their son, John Franklin Reed, other than what we’ve had all along. His family came and took his body, back for burial. So why can’t I locate a farm there, or someone who knew the family? I put a call in to the Historical Society and still haven’t heard anything back from them. There has to be some Reed’s out there from this branch. I can’t be the only genealogist that is tracking them or that knew they existed. Where are you? I need some help here.

Okay, that’s about it for me this week; I’ll be babysitting tonight. I may take the kids to the movies. I haven’t seen a movie in quite awhile now. Sounds like fun. The boys and I repaired the swing set, so we may just play in the yard.

Tomorrow night from 5:00 pm. to 8:00 p.m. is Germantown’s Saturday Night Out.  Its a great time in a small town, with some food, a band and a car show. I hope to see you all there.

Have a Happy Father’s Day this weekend everybody!

Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

There is no such thing as “them and us.” In a world this size there can only be a “we” – all of us working together. ~ Don Ward