This has been a very overwhelming week for me. Too much to do, and not enough was done. We’ve had a lot of rain here but I’m not complaining. It will aide in my excuses as to why I didn’t get it all done.

I only worked a few minutes each day in the yard and greenhouse, that wasn’t going to accomplish much. But it helped relax me anyway. I did get to tour the small backyard garden of the ex-gardening columnist Ildiko M Szabo Sherman’s. She was a fun lady and I’m glad I took a day off to do that.

I have to do my research real early in the morning and late at night. Whenever, I can get a few minutes to myself. I’ve been trying to run down a few leads on John Franklin Reed born 1803. It’s hard to make anything fit. The family accounts trump, any paperwork that I find, I know the kids knew who their aunts and uncles were, so I’m still at a major impasse.

The only John Reed born 1803 in Campbell, TN was married to a Mary Unk with several children. I can only track two of them and the Great Grandchildren have a very different account of where they came from. I’m testing a few theories anyway. I put a call in to the La Follette Historical Society; we’ll see that they know.

This could turn out be a very long summer. With my research and the impending sell of my house and I guess an inevitable move in my very near future. I’m not sure where I’ll end up at this point. My husband and I have very different ideas as to where our retirement should take us. I want a large farmhouse with a small garden area and he wants a tiny little retirement home with no lawn. The only thing that we can both agree on is that we want a very cheap one in a fairly good neighborhood. Just waiting now to see what will unfold.

Steven is home from college now for the summer, yesterday, so he will be job hunting on Monday. He will need that since his car is in dire need of new tires; frequent trips back and forth have worn his tires down to the bands.

Mandy’s husband Alan had a complete knee replacement done this past week and it went well, until he took two falls immediately after his surgery and had to have it sown back up again. He says that he is feeling better. Let’s hope he didn’t do any real damage. He is to have the other knee done in 6 weeks. Cross your fingers.

Craig has picked up his old job, he’s glad, he really likes it. The concrete company is still working, so he is trying to juggle both. A lot of people have several jobs; I hope he can handle two.

I haven’t heard from Brandy over the last month except for an RSVP of an invitation to Anthony’s 50th Birthday party at the end of this month. Anthony is feeling somewhat better about it turning 50, but he says that he doesn’t want a party. He’s such a kidder! LOL I said, “How well do you know me?” LOL There will be a small gathering of family and a few friends, here at the house.

I’m hoping to get my weeds tamed, every time Anthony leaves home he says, the forest has encroached on our side walk. I was trying to a few freebie trees this year, by letting things grow up. That was a huge mistake. Now it will be more work than even I could have anticipated. I hope Steven has some dire to help his poor old momma out there in yard aka the jungle.

That’s about it. I did finally get my hair foiled all over. I was dawning roots about an inch long as my sweet grandson was so quick to point out. You got to love them.

I was going to make a few comments about some thing’s going on in the June, 2010 world and or local news, as I usually do, but I think it better left unsaid at this point. I just shake my head and say, “I see your lips moving… But all I hear is lie… lie… lie!”

Moving right along… its still raining and I need to get some work done. I have to unpack Steven’s dorm room junk, and where it is going, I have no idea??? I wonder how he feels about the garage?

PS: I wanted to thank my uncle Denny for an amazing gift yesterday, he dropped off a disc with Reed family history and all of my dads original Military documents. How wonderful, I missed him, I wasn’t here, but he left them hanging on the door-knob, so I didn’t get to thank him in person; I will later. And yes I had copies, and was thankful for them, but it is even better still to have the real documents. Thank you… Thank you!

The truth is that the basic solutions to our problems lie within us… Like it or not-realize it or not-principles and conscience are within is. ~ Steven R. Covey