As you know my Grandpa Odis Stump married 4 times.  His last wife was Melva M McClintic Lindsay Stump.  A new book is just out called “GOLD STAR WIVES OF AMERICA” and it lists Melva as the wife of a fallen hero. Her first husband died in the service of his country. Here is an excerpt from that book.

MELVA M LINDSAY STUMP was born Feb 23, 1910 in Middletown, OH.  She married Norman Lee Lindsay, born Feb 19, 1910. They met on a blind date June 1930 and were married June 24, 1938 at the 1st United Methodist Church.
Norman served the Navy as SF3/c entering May 31, 1943. He was on a flagship carrying Adm. Spruance. Served in the Pacific theatre of operations and was involved in all invasions.
He died during the sinking of the USS Indianapolis July 31, 1945. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.
Melva had two years of junior college-business education. She married Odis Stump April 8, 1989. They met at Senior Citizens. Because of a complete knee replacement she is limited at present in doing very much.

Melva the daughter of John Edward McClintic and May Trautman McClintic of Middletown, died on December 20, 2002. Melva never had any children.

Melva aka Mel was a stern retired school teacher with a lovely home in Middletown. I should mention that she was a very short woman with extremely expensive tastes. She enjoyed painting and collecting antiques.  She bought my Grandpa a red leather chair for their family room so that he could fit in. LOL

She had wonderful chalk drawings that she had done over their kitchen table. I once admired an large old Whatnot Shelf that she had in the hallway and she said that it had come over here in from Ireland the 1700’s; it was in Mint Condition. It was among many antiques that she used everyday.  I guess, living alone for over 40 years you wouldn’t get to many scratches.

Melva passed away at the Mount Pleasant Nursing Home in Monroe, Ohio.

God Bless and Keep You always!

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