… so it may not count. I am just sick over this, my vote may have been stolen from me. Over 10 years ago I changed parties from Demi to Republican. At the polls yesterday, I was informed that “I’ was a registered Democrat and would have to file a challenge to vote as a “Republican.” Thinking this was just some kind of clerical or computer error… that’s exactly what I did; I filled out the challenge page and voted.

I then, came home to call the Board of Elections, in which I did (twice) to have it fixed – only for them to claim that “I” had changed parties in 2008 back to Demi (news to me). So I said, “Show me!” No one on this planet would ever believe that I had voted for that empty suit, much less change parties to do it.

But somehow or somebody, my registration and/or vote was stolen from me. The woman that answered the phone at the Board was very nice and she proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t the only one to complain about this. I did vote in 2008 as a “Republican,” but I did think that my ballot seemed odd, but since I had been a registered Democrat in Montgomery County as of 1988 prior to the change to the Republican Party in 2000 and was familiar with the Democratic ballot, it just looked “regular”to me and it didn’t even register that it was a Demi ballot. I was standing under the Republican sign with an arrow pointing down, so I didn’t even question it.

Today, I received a signed computer print out from the Board of Elections (man was that fast, it must have been in the mail, even before I registered my complaint) showing me as a registered Democrat as of 1988. No where does it show that I had ever changed party afflictions, one way or the other.

The poll lady on my second trip down there to show them my driver’s license, since I didn’t have it with me the first time, I had given it to my husband the day before, since I didn’t take my purse to the hospital with me for my colonoscopy and failed to get it back from him. All I had to do was to tell them the last four digits of my Social Security Number to be allowed to vote. I was surprised too be honest. There went the “ID” theory. But I wanted my paperwork to show that I had shown them my ID, so I drove the the auction house to help Anthony move cars and to get my ID. She showed me her other book, book number three, it had pink pages and that book clearly showed me as a Registered Republican. So she knew I wasn’t lying.

Somebody, at either the poll in 2008 or at the Board of Election somehow, changed it and probably even stole my vote.

I am truly sickened over this whole mess. As many of you know, I’ve been ill for the past month, but am feeling somewhat better now. Well I was feeling better before this stress/mess. Two of my doctors told me that I’m “PERFECT!” ~ direct quote. I just want to see who signed the challenge paper in 2008 pretending to be me, switching my party back to Democrat and somehow track them down and find out exactly what they did do, as a result of “This Change.”

I’ll have it fixed by November if I have to camp out at the Board of Elections…  I’m ready to demand a recount.

Like an ox-cart driver in monsoon season or a skipper of a grounded ship, one must sometimes go forward by going back. ~ John Barth