…today and we will celebrate another year of being not just husband and wife, but best friends.

I hear people say they aren’t happy in their relationship, and I find it really sad. You should feel as close to and know your spouse as well as you do yourself.

There will always be hard times and disappointment in every relationship, but with your commitment to each other comes great responsibility to that other person. Love that person more than you love yourself and they’ll then return it the same way. Support each other and be happy together.

I love my life and I love my husband. He allows me to be me. In every way I choose and in all the ways that I’ve changed. No one stays the same person they married. I’ve also heard it said, that a persons personality changes every 9 years. So we must adapt ourselves to those changes, not only in ourselves but in each other. Let the other person feel what they’re feeling at the time, even if we don’t agree that’s the right way to handle it. Respect is key here.

I started to write my husband some corny poem, and give him the traditional watch (he’d never wear), but it wasn’t how I was feeling today. He knows that I love everything about him. I may not like all the things that he does nor he I yet, it’s through our commitment to each other, we bare it.

I have a fount of useless information about classic muscle cars and he has a working knowledge of gardening, not that he will ever do it, but he helps when I ask and that’s all I can ask of him.

So, I am looking forward to our next 31 years with the same enthusiasm (maybe even more so) and commitment, than the first thirty-one. I wrote him a love note when we were dating and I told him, “That I’d love him for life… because nothing lasts forever.” I know now, that it’s commitment that makes everything last, and that is forever.

Happy 31st Anniversary… I love you, Hun!

ah… don’t worry, it won’t last 6 months! lol

Making commitments generates hope. Keeping commitments generates trust. ~ Blaine Lee