He is Risen!

Jesus Christ died on a cross on a Friday almost two thousand years ago. Christians believe that on the following Sunday, Christ arose from the dead and, in so doing, proved that He is the Son of God. The day Jesus died and was buried is known as Good Friday. The following Sunday is Easter.

Christians celebrate this joyful holy day by going to church. Special Easter services are held outdoors at sunrise. As Easter dawns, the people pray, sing hymns, and listen to music.

Most Christians celebrate Easter March 22 and April 25. Others celebrate it between April 3 and May 8. But, whenever Easter comes, it’s the oldest, the most important, and the most joyful of all Christian holy days.


My Easter morning started as usual, I skipped the sunrise service at church to finish some odd jobs around the house. I put the ham in the crock pot, set it for 3.5 hours and poured one can of coke over it, put the lid on an walked away. I love the crock pot. I got rave reviews on my ham, it was so tender. I know most Christians don’t eat pork, but I know that the toxins that would had been present in meat in the B.C. and the early A.D. isn’t there now. We have cleaned it up, so to speak.

I made yams to go with it, but no one ate them as usual (not even me – sh…). The kids opted for hot-dogs instead of turkey this year and I for one was very disappointed, I miss the traditional Easter meal with all the “fixins’,” but it did make for much easier meal planning and clean up. No complaints here.

I went to “Sunday School” and “Church” at Elizabethtown First Church of God. We have a very tiny congregation. The service went as most services do, but Brother Gary didn’t preach the usual (standard) Easter service. I was certainly dressed for the part, in my old and very Floral Easter dress, a “Cattiva” from Saks Fifth Avenue and straw purse with matching shoes. Mandy dressed her brood – all in green. Yes, GREEN! Regular grass-color green. I just somewhat blended in.

The singers were a disappointment, to say the least. A duet, husband and wife team called “Babb’s,” started with their first song and I got very excited. She had an amazing voice, at first, she sounded exactly like Vestal Goodman of the Happy Goodman’s. But the rest of the songs were just sang way to high. She couldn’t see her big money range. Two songs weren’t even appropriate for church, according to some of the teenagers here. One was a remake of an old bar song my dad used to sing. What were they thinking?

Her husband, didn’t sound anything like Howard Goodman though, sorry… He lacked any and all self-confidence, but wore the loudest chartreuse suit (pea green – I guess they got the memo on the wearing of the green) ew. I blame his wife. Sorry, I shouldn’t play “fashion police” here. I feel like a judge on American Idol. “That just didn’t work for me dawg!” I didn’t get it. You need to belt it out there. Relate to the songs. It’s all about song choice.”

I think they need hire me as their coach – “If they put some more men on the job, become a Quintet, they could become great old gospel singers.” They need to add a tenor or alto, bass or double bass and a baritone, at the very least. The soprano would just be a bonus. She then should stand out front and sing up the spirit! I’d add a live band too. That canned stuff, I guess saves monies, but it don’t get the job done!

In my opinion, they should always pick at least two songs from the hymnal that everyone knows, that way they get some group participation. They can put their own spin on the songs, if they feel they would need to, but it helps people identify with the singers a little better. I do wish them lots of luck in their careers, whatever they may choose to do.

With our church being small, we can’t afford any big name groups, but I don’t mind that, I love to hear the old time singers like Brother Wells singing Acapella. There’s just something special about someone singing from their heart.

I had to leave the service early, not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because I had to finish making my dinner before everyone arrived. That’s part of being the Grandma. Mandy had so many places to go that they had to leave church, early as well. Which in her case, a party of nine, made it look like half the church walked out on the sermon. Poor Brother Gary, you have my sincere apologies.

I then, rushed home to make the chili and set the food up while Mandy went to buy the chocolate pie. Luckily for me, Mandy had pre-filled all of the plastic eggs for me – that was half the battle right there. She must have filled 500 or more eggs. Grandpa Anthony, decided to keep himself aloof that morning, while we all worked. LOL He was painting our son-in-law Alan’s, Mustang – slacker. LOL That’s no excuse.

We had a wonderful time, only one spanking in the crowd, Trey decided long after the others being told not too, he decided that he needed to chase the other kids and hit them with sticks. My fault, I should have had the yard cleaned up already and decorated for Easter. But this year, Easter came so early and I couldn’t get my mulch from Ro-Lin Farms, their trucks were broke down. I actually thought that the weeds and tall grass would lend itself better to egg hiding and seeking. Its all fun & games until…


Oh well, we had a great time. Steven came in for an hour or two long enough to play the “UNCLE.” Complain about the conversation and basically do nothing.


Craig & April were surprised by the photo I found of their first real date. Craig was in 8th grade and he took her to a 9th grade dance at Madison High School. They looked like little kids. We had to laugh. I found it tucked in a box of old memento’s I have saved from the 90’s that I had decided to throw out the week prior. I picked the box up and got a huge splinter, I was sucking out the blood when I decided to open the box and go through it. I’m so glad I did – changed my mind quick. Those old report cards and children’s drawings were wonderful to see again and they may come in handy one day. BLACKMAIL! LOL


I did miss Brandy and girls, Tiger too. I hope they had a great Easter Bunny day.


I felt bad for one of Mandy’s foster daughters she had never had a Basket from the Easter Bunny before this year. The EB give all the kids at Mandy’s house a basket. Oh they also got a visit from the tooth fairy at the same time, so their house was busy last night. Her foster daughter also told me, that they teased her for getting so excited about having her very first birthday cake. She turned 18 at Mandy’s house and there she was given her first birthday cake and no she isn’t from a foreign country. She was born and raised right here in America. Her mother died and to keep from having to pay for her, the system shipped her to Florida to live with a man – they claimed was her father that she had never met before. It made sense to them.  I guess… Just one more thing I should be in charge of; if I made the rules…


After everyone left, I went and played in my greenhouse. I transplanted a few starts that were ready and a few more hens & chickens. I’m over run with them now. I am still in need of new starts and pots.

I had a dying bromeliad that needed re-potted when I bought it, two years ago. I finally got around to doing it. I broke it into three plants, it’s lethal fronds make it hard to want to be around, but I did manage it. Please don’t tell Jacque Eccles that I may have killed her baby. She reluctantly sold it to me at a Regional Meeting in which she was the afternoon speaker on Tropical plant’s. I only hope I can bring them back to life before she finds out. They won’t be winning me any ribbons at the Garden Club Flower show this year. Sigh!


That was my Easter – how was yours? I’d love to hear how you spent your Holiday.

As always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf
mail to: vvsfan@msn.com

If the King loves music, it is well with the land. ~ Mencius