Your grandmother’s? How and where did they meet? How long were they friends? What activities did they share?

My mom’s best friend was Mrs. Baker and no, I never used her first name ever. I do know it but out of respect for her, I only use her married surname.  I know it’s a sign of my age, but I think it’s a time honored tradition and I for one, respect it.

Mrs. Baker was the mother of my friend and neighbor. They talked everyday, I have no idea about what, for I left the room.  But they had been very good friends for a very long time. She had several other friends that she shared things with, but I’d say that she was her best.

My Grandma Phebie had a best friend named Gloria, she was a great friend to my grandma and all of her children. I’m sure it took many years for some of the grand-kids to figure out that she wasn’t really related.

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