author of “Adkins Land of York to Beech Fork,” Ronnie Adkins (334) 543-4095.  Please contact him with any questions you may have for him.

I had a long conversation with him this morning, but I am too embarrassed to call him back and correct a horrible mistake that I made.

I was looking at the wrong notes; while having coffee, I didn’t go to my computer in my office. I pulled up the wrong notes on Anthony’s horrible… horrible Vista computer, so I told him, that I had listed Henry as William Adkins father when in fact, I had ruled that out and have John Adkins and Elizabeth Bromwell on my family tree and have had for years now. I’ve written many posts on this blog about them. And yet, I made this mistake.

Don’t I just feel stupid? It’s hard when you talk off the top of your head and I should have been more prepared for this interview.

I hate to take up any more of his time, just to call him back and admit my mistake. Sad, isn’t it? I’m 48 years old and too embarrassed to pick up the phone and tell him I made a mistake.

I’m going to call him next month, so I guess I will do it then, or maybe just let him think I’m an idiot. I should have gotten his email address, and then I could quietly slip him that information and be done with it.  No matter, it’s just my dignity at risk here. I’m sure I can take the humiliation. In the grand scheme of things, we all make mistakes, I just appreciate the fact that he didn’t call me an idiot on the phone, even though I’m sure he thought I was.

Anyway, if you have any questions for him, please feel free to call him or to post them here and I’ll suck up my pride ask him for you, next month. Thanks for your patience.

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