As you all know… I’ve dedicated my life to history research and genealogy. The month of March posts were only to be used to discover our female ancestor’s; Women in History. Most women had their voices silenced over centuries of being oppressed by their male counterparts and the laws they made; worse than any other minority in history.

I rarely discuss politics on the blog, because it’s not what the blog is about. But this is for my children and grandchildren so that they know where their mom and/or grandma stood on the issues and where she was coming from; how she really felt about the issues of her day. Just encase they miss my passionate long winded speeches from my table aka my soapbox.

So today, I choose to exercise my rights as a woman to vote, to be heard and to freedom of speech. What’s left of it anyway?  I do feel that most of it has been stolen from me.

I’ve decided to send as much time as it takes, to ensure that Congressman Kucinich is not reelected. What he has done, personally to the citizens of the State of Ohio, is unspeakable. I find it disgusting and unbearable to live with.

This is the biggest loss for the citizens of the United States to have even more freedoms lost. Stolen from us by some shady back room deal that the new Pres. made with Hillary Clinton to pass her health care bill in exchange for her backing him for Pres., the same bill that she failed to pass when she – (tongue in cheek) – was in office! BillaryCare – we didn’t want it then and we don’t want it now. Where is my Right to Choose?

There may be a handful of women out there that will back whatever this new Pres. wants to do… but I’m certainly not one of them…. and never will be. I can’t wait until he is out of office. Another two years of purgatory is more than I can handle.

As you know after he was (clearing throat – hocking) elected with the Military vote suppressed, Acorn’s illegal votes and Hillary laying down by her dish, I was so disgusted by these, I switched my party affiliation.  I had been a registered Democrat since my before my eighteenth birthday. My mom took me to the board of elections and helped me fill out my paperwork.

I will admit to being fairly conservative, a Blue Dog Democrat, if you will, I would vote for whomever I wanted to for President and then straight Democratic ticket. But that all changed after this last election.

People aren’t ignorant, most anyway, and they won’t take this without putting some kind of fight. I love the new Fire Nancy Pelosi website launched by the GOP, I wish it much success.

I also realize this post will cost me some readers, but you should know where I’m coming from and what I believe.  You get that in a family, the right to be allowed to share ideas and vent from time to time. Please, feel free to voice your opinions here, as I have mine. It is still your “Right” for now anyway.

My Facebook status will remain unchanged until the law is repealed or Kucinich is out of office, hopefully both. It says, “will be taxed to pay for… fined for not having… something I didn’t want to begin with. That’s the American Way!”

Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson