The term brick wall in genealogy is used to refer to a person or fact that you cannot find any information on. When it comes to family trees things are rarely straightforward. Families often disappear between one census and the next; records are lost or destroyed through mishandling, fire, war and flood; and sometimes the facts you do find just don’t make sense. It’s when your family history research hits a dead-end.

For me, I have many brick walls when it comes to the females in my lineage. The matter of fact is that women were not educated or taught to speak out. Their facts were often reported by others, so they had a tendency to be wrong. Some women were so timid that even if they knew the fact to be wrong, they would not have spoken up to challenge the recorder. It’s sad really, when you think about it.

Few women would ever let some of these mistakes go on today. Like their names or their children names spelled wrong, sons listed as daughters or visa versa. We take great pride in our families. The time we took to pick a child’s name or the way we had decided to spell or pronounce it, would be a major issue for us.

I have so many brick walls: Mitha is the most obvious and my Great-Grandma Peggie Montgomery among others. I believe there is some record out there, which I may have missed. I’m still plugging away at them.

Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

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