any female family member (living or dead) or any famous female who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

Well for me… hands down that would be Olive Garden. There is a list as long as my arm of the women I’d want to have lunch with and interrogate.  I’m sure they’d be so exhausted by the time I finished that it would probably be the only lunch they ever agreed to. Ask my cousin Leesa, she has never agreed to a second lunch – I can wear you down.  (big raspberries here – jk)

  1. Mitha Parker – for obvious reasons.
  2. Great-Grandma Maggie Cook Reed: whom died too young of a horrible disease to raise her two small children. I’m sure she would have a lot to say. And then maybe tell me about her mysterious parents that I cannot track down.
  3. Great-Grandma Teareasy Montgomery: How she felt about leaving her friends and neighbors and moving to a strange place. Granted she took half the county with her but it still had to be a major adjustment for a woman to leave her “NEST” behind. Only to died as a result of it.
  4. Great – Grandma Delilah Elswick: that has very few stories ever told of her.
  5. Great – Grandma Jane Montgomery:  I’d have a million questions ask her. Not even sure where I’d start.
  6. Great – Grandma Peggie Montgomery: I’d love know the man to who fathered her children. Is that a question that you can ask a lady? I have a name – but that’s all.
  7. Many distant cousins to share our ideas and pictures. Too many to list here.
  8. Great – Grandma Phoebe Harris Reed who had to leave her life and go into hiding with her man. No one knows where or what happened to them. They supposedly move to Tennessee, but no one really knows. Because as the story goes, he had allegedly murdered a black man, for unknown reasons.  They hid to keep him from going to prison. She really stood by her man.

There really isn’t one celebrity that I’d care to have lunch with or ask any questions. I’m far more interested with the deceased in my family than the living in Hollywood. If you call that living?

They have no idea what a real life is all about. Women, whom worked to raise a family and rear them in a loving environment when they are too tired to move. Then throw on all the social aspects of a town and neighbors. That has far greater social dynamics than any Poparotsy could ever thrust upon a person.

The old adage that “Women dress for women.” is very true. Women do dress to impress… not men, but other women. We care far too much what other women will think and act accordingly. I mean some women put up fronts so that their emotions never show. I once said that “it’s easier to pretend to be happy than to try to explain why I’m not.” That’s what I meant by saying we DRESS.

For women raising their children it’s hard enough without feeling like you’re doing it under a microscope. Then add pioneer conditions or out-dated ideologies and then see where their coming from. I’d like to walk a mile in their shoes so to speak. Well hear about it anyway. I’m the Holiday Inn type (no camping out for me).

Take my sister Shirley and I love her with all my heart and still love for her to come over but she will go through ever inch of my house. I’m not sure what she is hoping to find but she will still look. She isn’t even discreet about it. Some women will come into your home and look through everything, its just our nature. This is why lunch should be at a neutral place, if you plan to get any real information out of them. Dead or alive a woman wants to snoop. It’s what we do.

Hey, It’s in our DNA!

I know of no higher fortitude than stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds. ~ Louis Nizer