Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree.

As for me, I’m sure you all know by now, my mom picked names from the family with a pattern the same way that her mother did. My Grandma Elvia (we called her Grandma Elvie) used the letter “J” I’m not sure why she picked the letter “J”… I should ask my Aunt Jackie or Uncle Jim. LOL She just did.

My mom chose the Letter “S” for us girls; Shirley, Sharon and Sheila. Then she used “R” for the boys, Ralph and Robert. It’s funny when I think back, because she really should have put more thought into our names, because whenever she got really mad at us, she would scream all three names as if it were only one. She would later regain her sanity and then we were really in trouble. It still makes me smile today.

Ralph Lee got his name from long time friends of the family Ralph and Nola Schneider.  Robert LeRoy must have just needed an “R” name but then she gave him my Grandpa Stump’s middle name. So it’s all good. There may have been more rhyme or reason here but she isn’t here to ask. So maybe one of the others has a clue.

It is very common for families to NAME in this manner. I can’t even imagine where Anthony parents came up with all those names that she did.  It’s no wonder that George Foreman just went with George. I’m trying to remember why I decided not to continue the pattern. I just went with the one Anthony’s mom had work hard to pick out for her son and named my son the same thing… just had to add a II.  Although, had he been a girl; I was going with Andrea Kathleen. I just liked the name. Which is really odd, since I had picked “Tiana Jett” from the time I was old enough to want children. I even scoffed at all the jokes made by cousins and even sisters, because I knew that was a great name for a girl.

Then I had a girl and wanted to name her Amanda Michelle. But Anthony hated the name Amanda at the time so he quickly over ruled me. Not to be out done, my beautiful daughter Mandy was born and I still used the name Michelle after Anthony’s younger sister Sheila Michelle Metcalf.

Lastly, I had Steven and it was a long hard process. I knew I wanted him to be named Ross after my Aunt Sadie (my mom’s first cousin – long story) but as a first name; Ross seemed a little stark. I loved the name Stephen from the bible, but Anthony hated the “ph” spelling in Stephen and he also had a family favored cousin named that – which he hated more.

Anthony wanted Steven named after his father and it was a toss up who was to win right up until the minute he was born. The nurse came in and handed Anthony the paperwork to fill-out for his name and I secretly panicked. Not that there was anything wrong with his father’s name, there is just so many William Metcalf’s and I wanted Steven to have a little different name. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I heard Anthony say, “That’s Steven with a “V” Ross Metcalf!” Woo-Hoo! Oh by the way, had he been a girl, his name was to be Miranda Kathleen Metcalf. I know… I know I do love that Kathleen part.  Not sure why, no one in the family has it… just a favorite.

I’m also sure you’re wondering what Mandy’s male counterpart would have been. To be honest, I was so sure she was a girl; I just laughed and said, “I guess Andrew or Andy something? IDK” LOL I’m glad I was right or I’d have had to pull something out of a hat at the last minute. And go shopping; I only bought Girl clothes. A mother just knows.

Wait… Maybe, I see a pattern forming there after all. What about you?

Take a few minutes and share where and who you got your name from.