So… I thought it only fitting that I blog about my female ancestors this month. About the women that meant something to my life.  I’m sure you all expect me to talk about the Indian Princesses and Cherokee/Chickasaw/Shawnee/Powhatan/Blackfoot/Chickahominy/Creek Indian Maidens that my family is wrought with.  But I wanted you to see them the way I do…

I’ve decided to start with the one that keeps me up most nights… (as seen in this photo)

Q: Who is in the photo?
A: I was told that this is my Great-Grandmother Teareasy “Teresa” Montgomery Adkins. She was the wife of my Great-Grandfather Jasper Newton Adkins (standing beside her). She was the daughter of Jane Montgomery and Granddaughter of Peggie Montgomery. Teresa was the mother of 13 children, her firstborn when she was only 13 years of age.

Q: When was it taken?
A: I’d like that information myself.  I’m assuming that it was taken in Magoffin County, Kentucky. But that is still unsubstantiated at this time.

Q: Why did I select this photo?
A:  I chose this photo because it is the only one I have of her. I chose it as a tribute to her dedication to her husband and to her children. I chose it because it is a testimony of her husband’s love for her. I love that she has that little potbelly. I think it shows her in all of her glory. Standing there composed, stately and strong yet tired, meek and worn with dark prominent features and deep-set eyes. How can you not love her? She had experienced hardships like I will never know and thank God for.  She died from a cow-kick to the stomach during pregnancy; her last semblance of love.

I welcome the comments and opinions from my family and friends. I do hope to find more stories of her as time goes on.