Write an Instant Name Poem


  • Line 1 – (type your first name)
  • Line 2 – “It means”  (write 3 adjectives that describe you)

  • Line 3 – “It is the number” (type any number you want)
  • Line 4 – “It is like” (describe a color but don’t name it)

  • Line 5 – “It is ”  (name something you remember experiencing with family and friends that makes you smile to recall)
  • Line 6 – “It is the memory of” (name a person who is or has been significant to you)
  • Line 7 – “Who taught me” (write 2 abstract concepts, such as “honesty”)

  • Line 8 – “When he or she ”  (write about something that person did this displayed the qualities in line 7)

  • Line 9 – “My name is” (type your first name)

  • Line 10 – “It means” (state something important you believe about life in 1-2 brief sentences)


    It means woman, gentle, blind,
    It is the number 124,
    It is like a reminiscence of Spring,
    It is Christm
    It is the memory of Julia Stump,
    Who taught me Stewardship and Love,
    When she worked hard to support me,
    My name is Sheila,
    It means I believe that time spent with family is the best time of my life.