Sammie “Jr” Dunn
Birth: 5 Aug 1933 in Powell, Kentucky
Death: 17 Feb 2010 Middletown, Butler, Ohio

Sammie Dunn Family Tree

Great Grandfather: Samuel Dunn (1841-1926)
Great Grandmother: Mahulda Osborne (1839-1918)

Grandfather: Robert Dunn (1870- UNK)
Grandmother: Celia A Dunn (1871- UNK)
Grandfather: Wade Hampton Ratliff (1881-1947)
Grandmother: Esther Wright (abt 1883- bef 1920)

Father: Samuel Dunn (1908-1978)
Mother: Hazel Ratliff (1911-1977)

Spouse: Mary Sue Adkins
Spouse: June Kraus

Known Children: Teresa Jean Dunn (aka Terry Dunn Jones)

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. ~ Thomas Campbell