was another one of Albert Einstein’s  famous quotes, but realistically anyone and everyone could have and should have said it. To be perfectly honest, we all have impulses every now and then . But how many of us act upon them?

I rarely find a time, when I really feel impressed to do something, that I ignore that feeling. I’m not saying that I’ve never ignored it, but for the most part, I act upon it.

I love sharing gifts with friends and neighbors. I love it when my neighbors bring me food gifts or stop by unannounced for tea or coffee. Yes, that is giving of your time and that really is the same thing. For many of us… our time is far more valuable. So share with the ones that you’re close to. When the mood hits; Do something!

Oh yeah, don’t forget… if you send monies... get the receipt for tax purposes. LOL

“I must do something” will always solve more problems than “Something must be done.” ~ from BITS & PIECES