Well Lorrie Farris Kateman, I’ll see what I have on hand. Unless they are deceased you won’t be able to see all of the people on my family tree. I can answer a few questions as to the who, what, when and where questions.  But rarely ever the why? Ask away and I will see what I can come up with.

I just stumbled into your incredible Family Tree  (Adkins Metcalf Family Tree)  .  You have pieces and connections that I haven’t seen before, and go further back than even the DNA testing we have done has not provided as many connections.

I am a descendent of David Farris –  he was our ‘oldest’ known.  We come down through his son Jeremiah (b 1842) .  I have photo’s of Jeremiah and his wife, children etc.

We had an Aunt who started researching in the early 70’s and did it all by hand!  I have lots of documentation back to and including Jeremiah.

Would you be in a position to share/ trade information with me?  If you are interested in what I have, I am happy to share.

I am meeting our ‘DNA’ cousin Feb 2 in Florida.  It would be very cool if I could find our connection and share with her as well.

Have a great weekend

Lorrie Farris Katelman

Omaha, NE