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Subject: adkins “hello there Sheila Jean Adkins….I’m also Sheila Jean Adkins by marriage. My maiden name was Clark. I’m interested in tracing family history for my grand kids. My husband is John Alan…his dad is Nathan his dad waz Hugh married to Myrtle from Beech Fork, WV.”

Well Sheila Jean Clark Adkins… I’d be happy to.

Nathan Everett Adkins Family Tree

Father: Hugh Scott “HS” Adkins

Mother: Myrtle Smith daughter of James “Jim” Smith and Nancy Emmeline “Emmie” Adkins of West Virginia

Grandparents: Lewis Brach “LB” Adkins born 20 Apr 1868 and Amanda E Conley Ross abt 1879

Great Grandparents: Charles Raymond Adkins Jr 1833 and Rachel Ross (1836-1890)

2x Great-Grandparents: Charles Raymond Adkins Sr. (1800-1897) and Mary A. “Polly” Scott (1806-UNK)

3x Great-Grandparents: Jacob Harley Adkins (1761-1857) and Phoebe Bradshaw (1771-1862)

4x Great-Grandparents: Jacob Harley (1700-1754) and ***Mary Adkins  (1735-1817)

5x Great-Grandparents: The Earl of Oxford – A Royal aka Jacob David Harley of Oxford


***Daughter of William V Adkins (1689-1784) and Elizabeth Parker (1695-1784)

Please see all posts concerning Jacob Harley and Mary Adkins. The story goes that Jacob left/abandoned Mary Adkins for whatever reason and returned to England. Mary went to her brother’s home in Beech Fork and settled there. All the children took the “Adkins” Surname. The Earl died in England and left his oldest son his entire fortune, but the son hated him and refused it.

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