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I rediscovered an Archives that my nephew set up for me, forgot I even had  it.  Below is DAVID ADKINS, thought you would be interested in this document.  Carolyn

David Adkins


David lived in the Snow District of Lunenberg (Franklin) County, Virginia until his mid thirties. In 1777, David and his brother, Mark swore allegiance to America. David served in the Revolutionary War two terms of 18 months each. Mark was hanged as a spy by the British.

Mary and the Earl of Oxford had two other sons: Sherrod married Sarah Lucas and settled in Wayne County, Virginia and Jacob married Phoebe Bradshaw, first settling where Huntington, West Virginia is today, and later moving into the Wayne County area.

This family is called the royal branch of Adkins’ because they are realted to an Earl and Mary suposedly descended from the Queen of Scots.

David married Judith ___ in 1784 Henry County, Virginia. This marriage record can be found in the ministers returns which have been edited and published by Virginia Dodd Anderson. One year after their marriage in 1785, this area became Franklin County. David Adkins records can be found in six counties because the counties kept changing names.

David received three land grants because of his war effort, one in Cincinnati, Ohio; one in Louisa, Kentucky; and one in Boone County, Virginia, which later became Lincoln County, Virginia. He received three thousand areas in Boone County, Virginia which he gave to his sons: Mark, Luke, and John. These sons came to Mud River from Franklin County, Virginia in 1805. They built the first cabin in Union District at the mouth of Slash Branch in 1806 (see Hardesty Book). This land is still in the family. It belongs to Hal Adkins, age 93, of Sias, West Virginia, a descendant of Luke.

David lived his last years and is buried in Louisa, Kentucky. Children of David and Judith were: David Jr. b. 1785, Franklin County, Virginia; Aldelphia (Delphia) b. 1786, Franklin County, Virginia, married Joshua Adkins; Susan b. 1790, Montgomery County, Virginia, married Thomas Tuncil Adkins; Mark b. 1792, Montgomery County, married Catherine Lovejoy; Luke b. Feb 1794, Montgomery County, Virginia; John b. 1798, Montgomery County, Virginia, married Lovey Plumley; two daughters, names unknown; Hamilton b. 1806 Giles County, Virginia.

After Judith died, David married Sylvaneous (Sylvia-Celia Adkins) in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Children of David and Celia: Enoch b. 1806, Giles County, Virginia, married Sally Burchett 1833, Lawrence County, Kentucky; Fanny b. 1812, Giles County, Virginia; Goldsbury b. 1814, Giles County, Virginia; Martin b.. 1817, Floyd County, Kentucky; Elliott b. 1822 Lawrence County, Kentucky; LaFayette b. 1826, Floyd County, Kentucky, married Anna Adkins; Daughter, name unknown; Benjamin Franklin Thomas b. 1831, Lawrence County, Kentucky, married Kizzie Adkins.

Goldbury and LaFayette joined their brothers on Mud River at Sias after 1830 and lived the remainder of their lives there. Three other sons of David and Sylvia settled in Wayne County and married their Adkins cousins.

John Adkins s/o David and Judith married Lovey Plumley, d/o John and Catherine (Kaylor) Plumley, their children were: James Adkins, Andrew Adkins m. 1. Saran Adkins, m. 2. Catherine Plumley, m. 3. Ellen Hauldren. Judith married Matthew, s/o Joshua and Delphia Adkins. Mark married Elizabeth d/o Arch Adkins. Emily married Mathias s/o James and Sarah (Willis) Adkins. Clarissa married Caleb, s/o Mark and Catherine Adkins. Matthias married Octavia Turner. Kennas married Emazetta Plumley. Sarah married a Sharp. Catherine married Harrison McComas. John Adkins was killed during the Civil War at the mouth of Fez by horse thieves.

Matthias, s/o John and Lovey, married Octavia, d/o David and Betty (Merritt) Turner. David Turner was a doctor. He deserted his family and went back to England. Matthias and Octavia had the following children: Anna, married Charlie Adkins (one son, Earl). Elizabeth, married Ryland Adkins, (one daughter Myrtle, who married Otto Canterbury and had a daughter, Ruth). Minnie Flora, married Ira, s/o Goldsberry and Mary Susan (Egnor) Adkins. (Goldsbury was the s/o David and Judith Adkins and Mary Susan was the d/o Aarchibald and Lahoma “Massey” Egnor from Monroe County.)

Children of Ira and Minnie were: Roy b. 12 January 1892 married Anthelia, d/o Calloway and Sally (Adkins) Bragg (see Calloway Bragg and Mathsias Plumley stories). Ulyssus b. 1893, World War I verteran died age 26. Don Rosco, b. 1896 m. Lovetta Adkins. Hallie b. 1892, m. Veturia Cooper. Matthias b. 1899 m. Dollie Dequasie.

Children of Roy and Althelia are: Orville (b. 20 Feb 1922) married Lena, d/o Charles and Sarah (Smith) Honaker, children: Steve (b. 19 Dec 1947), Keith (b. 26 Jul 1966), Hope (b. 1 Apr 1949) married and divorced from James Merritt, children: Scott (b. 15 Jan 1970), Celina (b. 11 Oct 1971), Chuck (b. 18 Dec 1973). Verna (b. 28 Jan 1953) married Leroy, s/o Donald and Donna Adkins, children: Linda (b. 10 Jun 1972), Roy Lee (b. 5 May 1973), Mark (b. 30 Jan 1975). Five of Orville’s children died in a fire 19 Apr 1971: Patton (b. 14 Jul 1951), Charles (b. 19 Sep 1952), David (b. 7 Jul 1955), Rosa Lynn (b. 24 Mar 1957), and Roy Albert (b. 3 Jan 1960). They are buried at Goldsberry Cemetery, Sias, WV.

Mildred (b. 22 Dec 1918) married Elba Adkins (b. 19 Sep 1914), children: Charles, Mary Ann, Brenda, Elba “Butch”. Charles married and divorced from Marie Beane, one son, Alex. Mary Ann has two children, Angela and Michael.. Brenda (b. May 1951) married Kenneth Dyke Tully, s/o Charles and Freda, one son, Lancen “Lance”. Elba “Butch” (b. 1 Jan 1959) m. 1. Rita McClure; m. 2. Melanie Brumfield, two daughters, Ashley and Amanda; m. 3. Melissa, d/o Ralph and Lou (Adkins) Adkins, one daughter, Heather Rochelle (b.. Oct 1988).

Betty married Lancen Baker, s/o Isaac and Ellen. (See Morris Elkins story.)

Darles (b. 22 Dec 1928) married Meredith (b. 14 Oct 1936), d/o Willie and Erey (Smith) Dotson, three children: Wendell (b. 31 Mar 1963), Joseph Darles (b. 7 Feb 1974) and Clyde (b. 24 Jul 1964) married Janet, d/o Bobby and Anita (Smith) Cooper. Clyde has one dauther, Brandi Gale (b. 1 Sep 1985).

Jewell (b. 24 may 1933) has two daughters: Susan, (b. 19 Apr 1955) and Charlotte (b. 14 Jun 1952) m. 1. Michael Tully (divorced), two children, Celeste (b. 25 Jul 1970) and Tiffany Shawn (b. 10 Sep 1976); m. 2. Jackie Lee Thomas. Sally (b. 15 Sep 1941) married Creed, s/o Spencer and Bell (Mullens) Adkins.