Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas and everything that goes along with it, but some things I really wish I could master or at least get a good handle on.
I’m trying to find more efficient ways to deal with the mundane chores that get in the way of fun.

I was kicking myself this morning, when I realized that I had forgotten to get out the new Christmas bowls I bought two years ago. The same bowls I forgot to use last year. I got them on sale a few days after Christmas three years ago and couldn’t wait to use them. But somehow, I manage to forget to get them out of the dish pantry, every year. I just served them right out of the bag. Sad, isn’t it? I worked like a fiend getting ready for the holiday’s these past few weeks and had forgotten more than I could remember.

I had forgotten to get my nephew Brandon and his girlfriend Emily a gift this year and I also forgot to get my nephew J. J. address to mail him a card; just one thing after another.

I had borrowed my friend Kathy Reamy’s card table and chairs for the party and the foot broke off the table on the ride to my house so I never even got to use them. Now, I have to offer my “apologies” and try to make amends for the damaged table. I had asked Anthony for two card tables & chairs for Christmas this year for which he obliged, but Target only had 4 chairs in stock so I needed 4 more and had borrowed Kathy’s. I guess I should have listened to that old adage, “Never a borrower – nor lender be.” Not sure how to fix it. It just needs a new dowel put in the foot, just not sure how to go about that. I just can’t win. She has my deepest and most sincere apologizes for that.

I had bought Christmas cards twice last year (after Christmas sale) and they’re still in their boxes. My sister Shirley brought over extra two boxes that she had and I used some extras from the year prior. I’m not sure if it’s the stress from the holidays making me forget or I’m just getting that forgetful???

Hey, Anthony and I spent two days arguing whether or not I even made Christmas dinner last year. I know I did, but Anthony kept insisting that I didn’t. Trust me… I did. So I win.

Anyway, we had a few fiascos this year like in every year past. But I think they’re really what we remember more than the 100 or so things that went right. Anthony always says, “It’s just a thing” and/or “we’ll laugh about this tomorrow.” I’m sure he’s right, well half sure anyway. All I really care about is that its Christmas and we’re all together.

Anthony made me buy myself some stuff for Christmas to go under the tree. I didn’t need or want anything really so shopping was a real chore. I got a really good deal on a triple slow cooker buffet/server. I hope it works; some woman had bought it and took it back. It was the only one Beerman’s had so I took it. I got a 15% discount and that was a big gift. So I’m crossing my fingers that it works.

I have a friend whose bucket list included making Figgie Pudding. LOL I tried to talk her out of it but she made it anyway. She said, “It wasn’t all that!” I could have told her that. But I guess if you have the time, you should give it a whirl. She put up 14 Christmas trees and decorated every inch of her house. Not sure where she found the time. She got up early this morning and took her family Christmas caroling. She’s my hero. (I’m going to steal her toilet paper caroler’s idea for my garage scene next year.) LOL

My granddaughter Trinity spent half her evening last night redecorating my tree; moving the ornaments and collecting the ice cycles and hanging them from a bead garland off one side. I have to admit, I thought it was pretty. Just don’t have enough to do that to the entire tree. Sorry Trin.

Granddaughters Avery & Allie were sheer delights to have for the weekend. I do regret one of the girls left without taking her new cabbage patch baby home with her. I hope she isn’t too upset when she finds she has forgotten it.

Mandy had the boys all dressed up in beautiful… sorry handsome burgundy dress shirts with black ties and suit pants for the Christmas play at church and she changed their clothes when they came for dinner and she forgot those here as well. I guess, she can pick them up later. I’m not going to attempt to wash and iron those shirts tomorrow with the Christmas linens; nope… nope… nope.

Today was a fold as well… on the dinner part anyway. My hands are swollen and raw from week’s worth of serious cooking and decorating; my body is stressed and totally exhausted. I was falling out, big time. Anthony took 3 naps himself today. Lucky him… I wish I could have. I really needed it. He wouldn’t let me make another big dinner today. He said that I just couldn’t handle the work load and I’m thinking he was probably right.

I need to plan a little better for next year. I thought I had all my bases covered until I sat down this morning to pack up the decorative gift bags and gift tissue paper to reuse next year, and I realized I hadn’t opened half of my gifts from the night before. I’m not sure where my head was at. I was having too much fun watching everyone else open theirs I guess. That’s when it hit me… I had forgotten Brandon’s gift. Sorry Brandon. Mandy had Brought Alex to the party and I had no gift for him either. Note to SELF: Buy some extra gifts and place them in the closet for next year; can’t go wrong with a few extras.

Don’t take any of it too personally; it’s been like that most of the year. I’m still feeling like the Grinch since this was the first year that “Santa” didn’t come for Steven. He’s nineteen now and a college student. So really… why? No, I didn’t forget – just decided against it. I’ll give him so monies to take back to school with him. He should be happy with that. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. He didn’t deserve it anyway since he got an air rifle last night and kept shooting everyone. My crazy sister Shirley kept saying, shoot me… shoot me… (as if he would) just to see if it would hurt. What??? I’m still shaking my head over that one.

Today, I have spent most of my day wishing friends and family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on Facebook. I like those “well wishes” but to be honest, I love the cards and letters I got in the mail. I’m guess I’m just old fashioned that way.

Things to remember for next year: Christmas bowls are in the dining room pantry. Buy extra gifts to keep on hand (keep w/ bowl in the pantry). Put back $250 per month for Christmas. Just do it. Catch every garage sale I can and buy Thanksgiving and Christmas serving items.  You can never have too many. Get 24 more folding chairs to have on hand for parties and size 52 inch by 52 inch square table clothes. Remind everyone monthly that the Metcalf family Christmas party will be held at my house the Sunday before Christmas from 2-6 with an immediate family movie, popcorn and slumber party to follow and I have boxes of extra cards – use them.  DO NOT FORGET!

I’m sure there is tons of stuff I’ve forgotten here, but it will come to me later and I’ll just make another note. I have lists for my lists at this point. I just forgot where I put them (with head in hands and shaking it back and forth, so I don’t lose it).

Have a great New Year and I hope a memorable one. Merry Christmas everybody!

It isn’t success after all, is it, if it isn’t an expression of your deepest energies? ~ Marilyn French