It’s not a secret that my favorite Christmas movie is, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I usually try to watch it 6 or 8 times every year and yes, it makes my husband crazy when I do. I love the end of the movie when George runs to the edge of town and reads the sign: You’re now entering Bedford Falls. He has “His Life” back. It may not have been what he perceived to be as the perfect life. But once he was removed from it, on the outside looking in so to speak, he knew it was the life that he really loved and wanted. Without a doubt it was the perfect life for him.

I’m sure everyone or almost everyone has seen the movie by now and we can all relate to this movie in part or as a whole. Its just a wonderful realization of what our lives and the people that we care the most about, would miss if anything were to change, or if we weren’t in the picture anymore.

I sat down and re-watched The Family Man – which I’ve seen a few dozen times as well… aka chick flick. I love movies that remind people what life could or should be if they have family to love and to love them back. It’s what we all strive for; some to the point of obsession. We all take a hard look at our lives at some point and make decisions on what to do to improve our daily lives. Each day; buy a new house or car, move to another house or school district, we clean, we decorate, we call friends and family, we share stories, we do all the mundane tasks that we are supposed to do, I’m not sure if its to impress the neighbors or to make ourselves feel happy, but we complete these tasks everyday.

But what if this was to change? What if you’re not here tomorrow to complete these mundane tasks? Whose job will it be then? Did it really matter to anyone if it were done? Did I make all the right choices? Change the bad things into good? Appreciate all the simple things that I have?

Think about all the simple things; things you put aside to complete all of your mundane daily tasks, when you could have spent that same amount of time making someone you care about or someone who cares about you, feel more alive, more needed or more important to you? Did you share a little of yourself with someone today? Make the right changes for you?

It’s almost Christmas, and it’s not about what I can afford to buy you, it’s about what will you remember about me when I’m gone? Was I trustworthy? Honest? Loving or Caring? Empathic? Did I only remember you as a name on a Birthday or Christmas card; sent once a year? Did I love to see you come by the house or called to say, “Hi?” If not, why? Did I not take the time to let you know how much you mean to me? Didn’t I show you that I care? Even in some small way? Did I tell you how much I love and appreciate you?

This Christmas, don’t just buy someone a gift; share a picture, a cup of tea or coffee, and/or some small part of yourself, with those you love. It’s after all, what they will remember the most, not the tinsel or the lavish gifts; it’s the love that went into it. So stop by or call and tell the ones you care about, that they are the thing that you treasure, the most precious gift you will receive this year. Your presence is the gift! Welcome Home and Welcome to the Family! And as my gift to you, “Enjoy your Wonderful Life!”

Trust is the conviction that the leader means what he or she says. It’s a belief in two old-fashioned qualities called consistency and integrity. Trust opens the door to change. ~ Peter Drucker