gone… gone is yet another Turkey; deboned and the last few fragments are resting in a large Ziploc baggie in the bottom of the fridge. Hopefully, I will enjoy a nice creamed turkey on a biscuit or a turkey turnover for dinner tonight to finish off the rest.

My theme for the decorations this year was, “Give Thanks.” It was on the plates and just about everywhere in the room really. I thought it a fitting theme for another harvest of memories, a day of thanks; to be mindful of those loved ones I have lost, to all those whom knew how much I loved them, and the love they gave me in return, was enough to last a lifetime. Inwardly, I thank them every day, because they will always be a part of me. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing them, but even when I miss them the most, I can remind myself of the lives they have lead, the things they have touched and taught me, and the things that I have to remember them by.

While my husband & I argued again this year, about the amount of sage I should use in my mother’s stuffing recipe [A little Lovin’ from the Oven… I’m for lots and he’s for a little –  it always ends the same way; with a hug and a kiss, and my adding what I want… it’s a fun thing to do every year]. I do love the smell of sage; it always reminds of my childhood. I may only make the dressing a few times a year, but I could make it in my sleep.

I decided not to use my Grandma’s turkey platter this year, opting for a more decorative one instead [one that if it broke on the garage floor – I was only out five bucks and not a dear family heirloom]. I spent my time remembering each one of the people that meant, and still mean, so much to me in my life. They may be gone now, but never far from my thoughts.

I can remember the smell of Thanksgiving as a young girl; my Mom’s dressing always let me know it was a holiday. The whole house was filled with the scent of turkey with her old bread dressing. My mom always stuffed the bird. I never do for fear of whatever the newest baking turkey plight is. I have to say after all these years; I’m still not a big dressing lover. I’ll eat a little if I have a little extra room on my plate, but I actually prefer to cover my turkey with Cranberry relish and eat it that way. You… It’s just a personal thing, but I will always be thankful for my mom and her secret recipes that made the holidays special for me. I hope in some small way, that I do that for my children and my grandchildren.

I remember my mom making dinner and her telling me how she wasn’t as elegant in her serving of the food, as her mother before her.  I guess, we all should make some of our own traditions, use what we have. She said, her mother always piped the yolks back into the deviled eggs with a pastry bag and decorated them with paprika and/or olives. I do that too, but no one, but me, ever eats the ones with olives. What’s that about? Oh well, more for me. LOL I say, “Celebrate our Differences and Give Thanks!”

We each spent days writing what we were most thankful for on Facebook, everyday I would remind myself what I was holding onto as my most sacred of memories, and it was almost always had something to do with my family and friends. After all it is what we hold near and dear to our hearts. The memories of our past, our present and when we look into the faces of our growing grandchildren, we can see our ongoing future.

May the bounty of the season fill your hearts and your home with all the wonderful things you can be thankful for each and everyday. Love your life and enjoy the little things. It is after all, the only things they will remember you by when you’re gone, so in the uncanny, zany drivel and yet bountiful ramblings of Mel Brooks, I found words that I actually want to learn to live by and I quote…

My message to the world is “Let’s swing, sing, shout, make noise! Let’s not mimic death before our time comes.” ~ Mel Brooks

We’re Thankful, enjoying and living life. Counting our blessings.  I know I did and one of my most favorite things I had written I was thankful for and still am are my Friends, Family, Food, and Football!

So until next the Turkey Time; when I count my blessings, I count you.  Say, Bye now!”