Make a Wish list.

Help your family and friends select the right gifts for you by showing them exactly what you want. You may know that you can share your Wish List via e-mail, but did you know if you you’re a member on that you can post your Wish List to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or delicious? Use the “Share With Friends” feature at the top of your public Wish Lists to spread the word.

I’ve had the same wish list now for almost 15 years, I know I should probably give up, but I usually get one item about every three years so.  I think if I follow Regan’s thinking on this one, I’ll get it all before I die. But seriously now, a wish list is a list of things that you want, not necessarily what you need. It’s a dream list of sorts, a goal you wish to fulfill. Can you get along without these things? Sure… you got along without them before you had them, right? Well for many years anyway, but they are the handful of items you’d always hoped for.

I’m not big on coveting ones friends or neighbors things, “Keeping up with the dang Jones,” so to speak. I’m talking about that handful of things that you’ve secretly always wanted. The things that you go out and look at everyday, the things that make you smile. It may be something as simple as a good book or as lavish as a fountain for your yard. Whatever that thing may be, write it down. Give it to the person that knows you best. If it’s within their means at some point they will help you to get it. They too, want you to have the desires of your heart.

I gave this some serious thought, before I shared it with you, but here is a copy of the list I’ve given to my husband for last 15 years (the first fifteen I was kind of shocked I didn’t get something – then I realized it was because I hadn’t asked. People aren’t mind readers, they can’t know if you don’t tell them ).  Its changed very little but, I have crossed a handful of items off this list over the years, but it’s funny that I still want these same items after all:

Dear Santa Baby:

This is my Wish list

1. New carpet in my bedroom & office
2. My bathroom remodeled
3. Crown Molding – arm chair molding – wainscoting – painted walls – and deep wood baseboard in living room and dining room (its in the shed – please hang it!)
4. Pump for the well in the back yard (for the flower beds)
5. New back patio room
6. Dining room window changed to a door
7. New front, back & patio doors
8. New carpet or hardwood flooring in my living room and dining room
9. Brick yard entry walls (pilasters or piers) with lights
10. Tri-Color Beech tree (needs shade – raised bed)
11. New bay window with window box for my office
12. Fireplace mantel
13. Long Pergola for the side patio
14. Yard completely fenced (w/ 2 lane horse fence)
15. All New Windows

I’ve been really, really good this year;
All my love,

And yes, I do print and sign it, every year and give it to him, but like every year before I think to myself: Face it… it may never happen!

But I’m always hopeful and a little guilt never hurts. Right? (wink-wink)

Now, I have crossed a handful of items off my list over the years, some many feel were a little silly or just plain frivolous. I don’t think so. I think of them of these items like A TIP, “never expected, but always appreciated.” Take my Homer Kern’s lion for instance, sure I could have gone without one or even taken a knock-off. But I really wanted to come home everyday, and see him sitting in front of my house, like a WELCOME sign, a tiny piece of my community in my yard. My cousin Tim Adkins, many years back asked, “What’s with the Lion fetish in this town? I said, “We take “Pride” in our community.” (tongue-in-cheek – waka-waka – Pun intended – get it – Lion – Pride – well okay) Which is true, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Maybe one day, I’ll take a few minutes and explain our town’s heritage and, Homer Kern is a large part of that.

If it was the desire of my heart, then who are you to say I don’t need that. Never trample someone else’s dreams. You may think it’s a stupid list, and we all know if I truly wanted these things, I could just call a handyman and have it done, but it’s a Wish List, the simple pleasures in life that  makes me happy; if and when he gives them to me.

I am happy and I do love my life, my home and my family, these are just little PERKS. And hey, I’m only 48 maybe, by the time I’m 100, I’m sure he’ll come through for me. But if not, I’ll know he tried. He did bring home the crown molding, just never got around to hanging it. He mumbled something about miters???

Who knows, this could be the year? If you never get around to telling them that you want something, don’t be too surprised if you never get it. With the Wish List, the surprise is not knowing which one they’ll chose, or why they chose this year to give it to you? That is the GIFT. I also, was trying to decide if I should add another hammock to my list; the last one I got, the cats ripped it to shreds. I get a new one every two to three years anyway, so I’m thinking not. I better just stick to the BIGGIES!

I hope you’re writing your list now. Share a few things that you’ve always wanted with your loved ones. This could be your year! MAKE A WISH!

Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will. ~ Michel Eyquem de Montaigne