Tim Kenny has raised many questions this week in the comments on this blog.  I guess for they’re for Fred to answer; really  because I have no clue as to the origin of, or the circumstances surrounding the French and Indian War as it pertains to the beginning for the Revolutionary War…

So Fred this one is for you…

Tim Kenny writes:

One additional matter. While until fairly recent times, the Battle of Point Pleasant was considered the first battle of the Revolutionary War, it is my understanding that it is no longer regarded as part of that war at all, but at best an end to the French and Indian War, everywhere that is except in West Virginia. Can anyone shed a light on that. For example, while the DAR originally championed the event for that purpose, it no longer supports that conclusion and hasn’t for an extended period. What does that do for those whose membership in the DAR inured from that battle, such as the George Frys and the Parker Adkins.


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