“In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.” ~ Daniel L. Reardon

“It is not the fact of liberty but they way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives.” ~ Dorothy Thompson

“When I was young, I observed that nine out of every ten things I did were failures, so I did ten times the work.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

“Winner believe in their worth in advance of their performance.” ~ Denis Waitley

“Getting people to like you is the other side of liking them.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” ~ John F. Kennedy

“You can’t hit a home-run unless you step up to the plate. You can’t catch a fish unless you put a line in the water. You can’t reach your goals unless you actually do something.” ~ Kathy Seligman

“I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Productive achievement is a consequence and an expression of healthy esteem, not its cause.” ~ Nathaniel Braden

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.” ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875 – 1965)