I have just recently come across an Adkins relationship, I for the life of me can’t back track! My Uncle Jonah Adkins was the son of Hiram and Delilah Adkins.

I have Hiram Adkins b. February 14, 1869, Webbville, Lawrence County, Kentucky. He is married to a Delilah “Lyla” Young, whom I can find no more than a marriage record and dob ( April 11, 1869) for. I need parents for this child! I am guessing that Hiram s parents were, Jonas Adkins and Permelia Foster. and that his grand parents are John Jr. Adkins and Delilah Jordan. Can anyone throw me a clue on these folks? I’d truly appreciate it!


Jonah Adkins Family Tree

Father: Hiram Adkins 1869-1840
Grandfather:  Jonah Adkins 1844-1932 (John & Delilah Jordan Adkins)
Grandmother:  Permelia Foster 1845-1929 (Jacob & Evy Grubb Foster)

Mother: Delilah Young 1869-1941
Grandfather: William Young 1829-1899 (Jesse W & Rachel Adkins Young)
Grandmother: Frances Adkins 1837-1911 (John & Delilah Jordon Adkins)

Lineage of  William V Adkins

John & Rachel Adkins both children of John and Nancy McCracken Adkins.  John son of Jesse and Mary Adkins,  son of  William V and Lydia Owens Adkins Jr., son of William V and Elizabeth Parker Adkins.

If anyone has any additional information on Hiram Adkins or his family, please let us know.

Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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