and I want to discuss the best and the worst birthday experience you’ve ever had.

I was asked, what I wanted for my birthday this year, and to be completely honest, I didn’t want or need anything.  (Although, I did ask for a new Cross pen set (mine is missing) and a Franklin Covey 2010 monthly & weekly agenda). Not really expecting to get it, just hopeful. LOL I usually buy my own gifts each year to insure I get what I want and/or need, because my hubby is a terrible shopper. He tries, but once he gave me a window thermometer for Christmas… Enough said.

So I decided, after some deep thinking on my part, the one thing I really want this year, is to find out more about you.

Please so do tell (not just on facebook): Who else is having a birthday this month? What was your best/worst present? Libra’s and you know who you are… Got birthday stories to share?

The future has several names.  For the weak, it is the impossible. For the fainthearted, it is the unknown. For the thoughtful and valiant, it is the ideal. ~ Victor Hugo