sorry to take so long.  I just got back from three weeks out of the country.  here is the emails from the lady I mentioned….my reply to here is sandwiched in the middle.  she seems to really believe the Giovanni stuff….I remain skeptical.  notice no one is forthcoming with documents…..

Carole Poteat-Levitz

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A genealogist here in the states was the one who rec’d info from England and that was years ago.  I can’t help you there.

You are assuming that the spelling is the same as now.

I used to be in touch with an Italian genealogist and she said spellings don’t hold….just as we know about many of the immigrants.  People NEVER verified spellings until in the 1900’s.

I’ve been researching the family along with others and we can’t verify any one before England.  During the time of Giovanni’s arrival and before, we looked up the history of what was going on in Italy and how the young men were leaving that country and the conditions in Italy. 

All of the info I sent you was verified and I am totally satisfied as well as all my family. The Crabtree-Poteet connection helped. The line I am in was from Md to VA, to NC to GA and TX.

My spelling is Poteet.

My mother who was born in 1893 and researched her family and for my Dad.

I sent you the info that I trust and whether you do, is up to you.

From: Stan & Carole Levitz
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Hi Mary,

I appreciate your prompt reply to my email.  This is all very, very interesting. I would be most interested in contacting the English genealogist who has researched Giovanni Patitte. I have seen a photocopy of the entry on the bill of land sale in Maryland but I felt that it wasn’t enough info to take the leap. The closest Italian name I can find is Patito from an area of Sicily.  It would be most helpful to connect with someone “across the pond” who is researching the Poteet name.  I have never found anyone outside the US with any knowledge of that name.  It has been a lifetime of frustration for me not to be able to connect and document my maiden name anywhere outside the US.

You didn’t mention how your name is spelled. My father is related to those who left Baltimore and ended up in north western North Carolina.

If you could send me information on how to contact the English research I will do so. Thanks so much for your time, I sincerely appreciate it!

Carole Poteat-Levitz

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From: Mary

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There have been 3 professional genealogists in the family and one of them made contact in England with one who did research on the family and the Crabtrees. They were intermarried because we found they had plantations near each other.

The man from London said Giovanni was known as “little Lord John Poteet”.  He was known in England to sponsor people interested in settling in America and he received free acreage in VA from England.

A bill of land sale in Maryland states – KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I, JOHN POTEET ITALIAN, FROM BALTIMORE COUNTY IN THE PROVINCE OF MARYLAND.  He received 9 shillings for the land.

In a book about the Crabtrees, there is info about land holdings, the purchase of an Irish servant and was visited by Royale Crabtree who examined grants held by William from Charles II, King of England.  In this neighborhood also lived the Italian family of Poteet. They were all from England and settled near Deer Creek and Stout Bottle Creek.  This statement is word for word from the info.

I don’t have time to look it up, but his son John was also Identified as Italian.

Because of land shortage in MD, all of the 2 families (Crabtree-Poteet) moved from Baltimore.

The spelling Poteete probably originated because of the 3 verbal sounds of the Italian name.  Even some people back east don’t spell it the same as my family, but they use the 3 verbal sounds.