I found a very nice article that basically says what I want to say about this subject on a blog called Word of Wisdom and I wanted to shared it with you and to keep it later reference. Here is her post:

Most people keep themselves extremely busy throughout the day. They make so much time for others that there is no question of spending time with themselves. There is no time for thinking. Even when they are by themselves, they clutter up their ‘alone’ time with the presence of the cell phone, computer, TV, iPod and other such gadgets. Due to not having time alone, they become very annoyed and unpleasant, and fail to pinpoint the reason.

Society also seems to suggest that a person who enjoys being by himself is ‘weird.’ Being a loner is considered unhealthy. The fact of the matter is that unless you spend time alone, you don’t really find out what you are all about, and who you really are. When you are with others, you put on many masks. You are a boss, a worker, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, a sister, a brother, a wife, or a husband. It’s only when you are by yourself that you start peeling away all the masks and get in touch with your true identity. When you remove yourself from friends, family, coworkers and society, you discover who you truly are.

Spending time alone provides an opportunity for reflection on matters beyond everyday living. I am certain that the Wright brothers could not have come up with ideas about flight if they had not spent hours and hours alone. Einstein surely could not have come up with the theory of relativity without a lot of thinking in private. A world leader deliberately secludes himself from everyone to think matters through. A general needs time by himself to strategize.

You may not be a world-leader or a general in a war, but you still need to regroup your thoughts and strategize your life. For that, you will have to spend time alone.

Didi Ji

Let there be spaces in your togetherness. ~ KAHLIL GIBRAN