No… I’m not really into this stuff, but it’s a fun thing to do from time to time. I don’t think it’s doing any long term damage to my psyche or makes me any less a Christian, because I read something about the “Stars”. It’s just a moderate diversion in my long standing quest to break up the monotony.  Today, it said:

Get ready, Libra, for the possibility of gossip, rumors or other attempts to discredit you over the next two weeks. This Full Moon is in what the Indian astrologers call “Satru Bhava” or house of enemies, and if they have been hiding, this is the time when they come out to play. See it as that and they seem less menacing, but you should be on the alert. Watch out for underhanded tactics, and if possible, document the activities of rivals. It is also a good idea to keep personal matters to yourself at this time, despite the fact that you enjoy conversation and like to “keep it light”.

Just posting this will do the same kind of damage, but at this point in my life, I can honestly say, “I don’t care!” So there may actually be some truth to this one. I’m not sure who they hire to write this stuff but they actually have a fairly accurate assessment or handle on life. I did find it somewhat gratifying as well. They said exactly what I was thinking, without even knowing me.

Today Libra your personal relationship in the love department is causing you some angst. Whether you are single or attached, there may be someone that has done or said something that has set you off. This is not going to be a mellow day, but handling these situations like a grownup is mandatory at this point. You will find the progress and resolution that you are looking for through a very simple conversation that involves compromise. You may need to re-shift some of your goals and priorities, and if you give on the small points, rest assured that you will take on the large ones.

Here was more of today’s assessment on:

Love: If you are with someone; today will be a harmonious day with them. If you’ve been waiting to say something to that special someone, today is the day. Love is in the air!

Career: Don’t try to do everything yourself! You’ve been working hard, ask for assistance and lighten the load!

Health: You’ve been doing really well at keeping up your health!

Wealth: You may receive a bonus at work soon; use it to splurge on something you’ve wanted for a while!


The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton