This was sent to me in an email today…

My opinion based upon close observation of sick dogs and cats is that they seldom exhibit pain even though they may be terribly uncomfortable and unhappy. What you are describing to me is a dog that seems to have lost a certain quality of life. Should you keep any pet alive just because there is no pain even though that pet is unable to do the things a dog would naturally do?
The disease your dog has is probably incurable and will gradually get worse. That may mean today your dog feels as good as it ever will; each day will hold less comfort, less playfulness, less ability to function like a dog should. If the dog is having more “bad” days than “good” days, and you are able to stop the poor dog’s discomfort in a painless and respectful manner, why not allow the dog to pass away peacefully?
It is a tough call and everyone has an individual way of handling this crisis. Try to be certain today that no one in the future is sorry for NOT doing something they should have. Likewise, regretting having put a dog to sleep when there may have been “some life” left can weigh very heavy on one’s mind many years later. The thought that “I gave up on him” can be haunting. Talk it out with everyone concerned.
Ask the dog, too. This may sound silly but each individual should spend time alone with the dog in a quiet and private location. Hold and comfort the dog in your arms and talk it over… just the two of you. Then, if you listen to your heart, the answers can become very clear.


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