I’ve had an extremely eventful week already, with lots to do and very little time to do it in. I’ve been chasing my tail as usual helping my friends that were going on vacation and planning my next one. While helping my family with their genealogy research, sharing my menus and recipes with people who ask. I had a wonderful morning crafting at our garden club workshop. And many other offers to do more, but I’ve already too many irons in the fire. I do thank you for comments and emails. I do try to read all of them. Some do go to the spam folder and I do try to check that daily as well, some may get lost. Please bear with me.

A few of this weeks searches were very encouraging as well as some questions that I had received on the following:

• James Morgan Adkins – Whitley, Ky 1842
Four Generation family tree chart
• Raymond Adkins
• Pittsylvania CO
• Va hill
Ira Tee Fugate

I did try to find a lot of info on these family members and different places. I do hope it was helpful. Please, if you have something to add, please feel free to do so. I may have missed something. I don’t get many questions, nor do have many answers on Grandpa Ira “Tee” Fugate, but would love to share whatever we have.

I do thank the regular readers for being so patient with me this year. I know I haven’t written many direct family genealogy posts as of late, I was trying to prepare for other things and putting all the info I wanted to share with my children down in black and white.

However, I do hope to have more at the end of the month, all the way into September. I also hope cousin Bob Metcalf returns from his vacation with a vast amount of new information on the Metcalf’s. I know I have really let down that search, and do apologize. I hope to rectify that shortly. Please… please cousin Bob come through for me on that end. LOL

I do appreciate all the field work that some of the other cousins are doing and especially the large amount of work done by a distant cousin Fred O’Neill. I am trying to stay on top of the “Grandmother Mitha Parker” investigation. Commonly known around these parts as, Mithalogy. lol She has somehow become my passion in life and can think of little else. I am now rereading several chapters in books, as if for the first time, because I cannot seem to retain the information. I can only think of one thing at a time these days. I may have to start buying them on tape, to see if any of it will stick that way. As a result of all of this, I’m not getting as much work done, as I need to. I’m not making excuses here, just trying to make some personal notes on where I’m at this stage in the game.

I’m eating it up with a spoon: I have a wonderful “Craft” family cousin by the name of Sue Frey, sending me delicious scrapbook pages from her grandmother’s scrapbook, along with some old pictures. We all know my passion for old pictures, so I’m in heaven. Her Grandmother and my Great-Grandmother Mary “Edna” Craft Fugate were sisters. The old 30’s newspapers used to report the local happenings aka gossip, and my great aunt collected them for many years on her and our families. The place they had gone and times they had visited. I just cannot get enough and can’t wait for her to find a new one and send it to me. I reread them as if they will say something new this week – I don’t want to miss a word. LOL Thank you Sue!!!

That’s about all the “hap for this week, by now, I’m sure everyone has heard of my near death experience on Route 70 this past week, when a careless semi-truck driver, ran my daughter’s enormous van, off the interstate in Indiana. We had just finished up a very trying outing with the her Foster Care agency on a daytrip to the Indiana Children’s Museum, in which we our buddy system failed and we had temporarily lost one of our own children. Relieved and exhausted we left for the 2.5 hour drive, when a truck driver either didn’t look or didn’t care, ran us off the road. My daughter was doing about 70 on 70 when she was forced into the center grassed median. She drove a little over a quarter mile dodging old tires and large metal signs with me screaming, “You’re going to hit that sign!!!” while seated in the passenger seat. LOL She screamed, “OH NO, I’m not!” Bless her heart she pulled it off like a professional. When it was over, we stopped at a station to get an ice cream and I told the kids to say “THANK YOU LORD” and like the troopers they are, they complied. I love those kids. My daughter said that she attributed her mad driving skills to her MacGyver Parenting Classes. She never lost her sense of humor. I do love that girl.

Congratulations and Best Wishes:
• My mom’s sister Jackie Argo will turn 70 this coming week and that party will be a huge event and I’ll be there with bells on. Not sure what to get her, surprise…
• My oldest son and his wife will be celebrating their anniversary tomorrow.
• Chris Metcalf’s Birthday
• Jeff & Sophia’s Anniversary
• Belinda Sue Moyer Dishman’s Birthday
• Sharon Kaye Adkins(s) Birthday
• Maynard Ray Argo’s Anniversary
• Linda Ann Ball’s Birthday
• Emily Marie Back’s Birthday

Okay, that’s it for this week in my life with style… Call and come by for coffee soon. Bring the old photos and scrapbooks. That never get’s old.

Love to family and friends,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

I’ve learned that warmth, kindness, and friendship are the most yearned-for commodities in the world. The person who can provide them will never be lonely. ~ Ann Landers