I do appreciate the comments from friends and family members and for all your support. I have been wading through the puckie at UC for the last two days of student orientation. I guess, I’ll be hocking the farm before to long, to pay for his fall quarter. I find it harder to do since Steven is still Undecided aka “Exploratory Studies.” He did take political science and Japanese so he’s got a plan, howbeit ever so small. He’s got to do the work so he has to pick the classes.

I think the college plans orientation so that the parents are so tired after two days, they could try to sell us a farm in Georgia and we would have signed on the dotted line. I was so exhausted that I could barely hold a conversation or entertain any rational thought for that matter, but you know me I could talk the leg off of a chair.

Steven met a lot of new people and they decided to form a group on Facebook. I’m not sure how teenagers think they have formed bonds and lasting relationships over a two day period, but they did. So maybe it’s just the adults. They see friends, where we only see acquaintances. Maybe I should work on that one.

I was so tired by the second day, I didn’t even recognize some of the people I had met, from my group on the first day. Now this is what 4 hours sleep and 4 cups of coffee will do for you. If your reading this and you think that I should have remembered you, please except my humble apologies and please do send me an email.

I wasn’t as impressed with the college as Steven was. He seemed to have a great time, but me… not so much. Luckily, this is the last one I have to contend with.  They made sure to separate the parents from the students before they picked their classes and made their schedules to insure we parents didn’t interfere. Some of the parents were livid when they found out. I had to laugh. Differences in people, I guess.

Don’t tell anyone that I ditched the last two classes on the second day, because it was just too much, I was exhausted. They were calling it “information overload” but they really didn’t explain as much as they were just keeping us occupied with stories of their own children and their lives, rather than just giving us the basics. I think it was, so they could work on our kids. lol They claimed to be reassuring us but trust me…  they didn’t. lol I do think that in the future, one day would be fine, less spare time, give parents credit for having some reading skills and initiative, after all we did managed to get them this far.

Well that’s where I’ve been for the last two days and not working (believe me, I would rather have been here than there) but I’ll get back down to business, after a fairly serious power nap.

Wow, after rereading my post, I guess I was more tired than I thought so I did fix a few typos. lol

Thanks again for your emails and your comments,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf