I’ve put on a tee and a Nike sweat shirt this morning; I’m heading out to gut the shed. I want to a run to Lowe’s and get another set of racks, like I built in the front garage and one more shelf, for the front garage – never have too many shelves. It’s Saturday and that means work outside, but dang it’s cold. Someone, check the calendar… does it still say July? My burning bushes are red – that means fall.

I have to kick the ovens self-cleaning mechanism on and I’m thanking God for the extra heat it will produce. See some mundane chores can be a blessing after all. We all know I’d freeze to death in the desert so I’ll take heat wherever I can get it.

Saturday Night Out is tonight, if it doesn’t warm up we’ll be out there in winter coats. Still No Rain! Our weatherman has predicted rain everyday but the clouds aren’t cooperating… what’s up with that? He never gets it right but the dark clouds have hovered over all week, so the odds were in his favor. Sorry Jamie, but it’s the truth and you should here it from me. Can you get a refund on that Doppler? It probably will rain today, since I want to work outside and then go to a car show. LOL I’m not going to complain if it does, I’ll just take my umbrella. We need the rain – but not this cold.

I have two events planned for tomorrow – both at 3:00 p.m. it’s a no brainer which one I’m going too but I committed to the baby shower first, that was before I was asked to my grandson’s Vacation Bible School ceremony. So you know that’s where I’ll be. I’ll have to send my gift or go really late, which is not cool. It’s baby number 4 for her so she’s a seasoned professional. I’m sure she’ll understand.

Also, I got a really Kewl joke inside my cracker jack box yesterday (yes, I love do caramel popcorn), I’m not loving the cheap paper stuff we get inside the box now, no cool toys, like plastic rings or tops to play with, even though I’m technically too old for that stuff now, but you know the stuff we used to get inside “a surprise in every box,” but anyway, I wanted to share the joke with my grand kids, for no good reason, other than they will love it, so here goes: Q: What did the alien say to the plant? A: Take me to your Weeder! lol

Enjoy your weekend everybody!!!

PS: When did they start spelling Cool – Kewl?

Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experience. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) – Why isn’t he on my family tree?