“To forgive… is to carry one’s own wrath on the sin of another; the guilty one is released, the offended one frees him, by another bearing his own indignation and resolving it in love. God forgives by carrying His own wrath on the sin we’ve expressed against him… He absorbs our guilt and makes us free.”

Forgiving is a definite decision. Everyone who is offended makes a decision whether or not to forgive. To forgive is to decide before God that with his help you will not allow yourself to make the one who offended you pay, even in small ways, for what he or she has done to you.

Forgetting takes time. It takes time for any wound to heal. The devil doesn’t want you to forget, so every time the situation is brought to mind. Remember that God was there allowing it to happen and did so for a reason, so we must move on and except it, as God’s will for our lives.  Let it go…

Only the strong can be free. And only the productive can be strong. ~ Wendell Willkie