Examine Yourself

1. The state of my health:

  • How have I been feeling lately?
  • What have I said lately to others about how I feel?
  • When was my last physical exam?
  • Is the menstrual or psychological cycle affecting me?

2. My present circumstances:

  • Am I behind in my work?
  • Have the children been ill?
  • Have guests contributed to getting behind in my work?
  • What problems in family or business finances are causing me to worry?
  • Am I on overload with out-of-the-home activities?

3. My present relationship with God?

  • How much time have I spent reading the Bible?
  • How much time am I spending in prayer?
  • What things am I worrying about instead of praying?
  • What promises have I made to God in the past that I am not keeping?
  • What circumstances in my life are making me angry with God, or have or have I refused to except with the proper spirit?
  • Am I falling into the trap of self-pity or depression?

4. Have I checked for self-defeating patterns?

  • What has been said (or done) to me which made me feel sorry for myself?
  • About what past or present problems am I holding a grudge?
  • Toward what people am I bitter?
  • What is making me touchy or irritable?
  • Toward what people or about what circumstances would I like to ‘explode’?

When you feel like exploding:

  • Take ten deep breaths, increasing oxygen intake to burn off excessive adrenalin.
  • Think objectively: Is it true?
  • Consider the source, but don’t rationalize.
  • Concentrate on listening; criticism can be a sign of progress.
  • Remember that back biting adds fuel to the fire.
  • Guard against repaying evil for evil.
  • Be humble – we all make mistakes.

How to turn explosive situations into constructive, beneficial ones:

  • Be understanding (try to identify elements in a person’s background or make-up that makes them act like this).
  • Make allowances when you can’t understand.
  • Be patient.

It is one of man’s curious idiosyncrasies to create difficulties for the pleasure of resolving them. ~ Joseph De Maistre