Try some of these ideas to solve some of your daily problems. Pass on your favorite hints & tips.


1. Get up early and keep moving. While sleeping or sitting, bodily processes slow down. Once they are speeded up, don’t let them slow down again until your work is done.

2. Fix and eat breakfast. Doctors say breakfast is the worst meal to skip. A family does better with a good breakfast and a “Have a good day, Hun.”

3. Have a short devotion. Ten minutes or so is vital as you commit the day to god and ask for his help in getting your work done and in doing it for Him. Too long a devotional may slow bodily processes. When work is done (after lunch) you may take an hour or so for study and prayer, and concentrate because your work is done.

4. Clean lightly first. Walk through the house asking, “If company came in one hour, what would I wish I had done?” This is especially important for church workers whose homes are likely to be visited at any hour without an appointment.

5. Check the day’s menu to see what foods need to be thawed, fixed ahead.

6. Do what needs done. Don’t spend time re-doing something you’ve already done just because it has been your routine to do it. Don’t dust until the house needs dusting. Vacuum when it needs vacuuming. Change sheets on the bed one at a time when they need it (every other week), not all on Monday (that’s why Monday is “blue”).

7. Start your more thorough cleaning in the hardest places. Get the unpleasant job over with first and the rest will move faster. Try It!

8. Have cleaning supplies all over the house in places where you need to use them. Example: Cleanser and sponge in medicine cabinet over the bathroom sink. (Be careful about this if you have small children: Safety first.

9. Keep your eyes open for new products on the market which will make some jobs easier.

10. Make your house easier to clean:
• Get rid of unnecessary things.
• Put decorative pieces away in three boxes; every six months or so, change and store the others away.
• Have a place for everything.

11. Think and plan when your hands are busy; plan the next day’s activities while ironing, washing dishes, etc. Check tomorrow’s menu for things to do ahead.

12. Serve meals on nicely set tables. Serving foods in the pans show a lack of taste and disrespect for the family.

13. Clean out drawers, mend and bake while on the phone. Get a cordless phone.

14. Teach other family members to help. It takes some extra time to teach a child to make his own bed, but he will save you time for the next fifteen years if he knows. Make cleaning charts with lists of everything that needs done and a place to check it off when finished. Have the rule, “everyone picks up his own messes.” Teach children that chores are something to be done before play. Prevents family losing respect for he mother because they know how hard it is to do all those things she does, and keeps them from treating her like the “house slave.” Women who do everything for every one ask for poor treatment and fail to prepare their children properly for marriage.

15. Be careful in your stewardship. Be efficient in making what you possess last. Mend garments before washing so they won’t tear in the washing machine. Treat spots and stains before washing. Cook from scratch, make your own mixes. Mend tears in furniture before it is beyond repair. Shop from a list, don’t impulse-buy; many people who complain about lack of money don’t make the best use of what they do have.

16. Purchase easy-care things such as permanent press sheets and pillow cases, children’s clothing, table cloths.

17. Before retiring at night, pick up clutter that has accumulated around the house. When you get up, the house is already neat-looking and easier to tackle.

18. Entertain regularly. You will keep the house better all the time, God will bless your generosity, and you will learn much by doing.

19. Don’t wait until everything in the house is perfect before you entertain, you will never get to it. People come to visit with you, not to inspect your house.

20. Plan ahead for company. Fix bread dough four days before they come, clean things that will stay clean three days before, fix casserole and do-ahead salad and dessert two days before and freeze them, clean house the day before and the day they come, do your hair, nails, rest, do last minute things and have plenty of time and energy to enjoy company.

A true man never frets about his place in the world, but just slides into it by the gravitation of his nature, and swings there as easily as a star. ~ Edwin H Chapman